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The Best Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained while Staying at Home


For most of us, self-isolation feels like the whiplash you get after coming to a sudden stop while driving at 70 miles per hour. It’s startling! But the new norm—working or learning from home, spending more time inside, especially while it’s still cold outside—forces us all to slow down. Being at home isn’t all horrible if you realize how many pleasant and productive things may be done there. And we’re all in this together! So, I compiled this list of enjoyable activities to do at home to share happiness.

Take up chess

If anything can inspire us to study and enjoy chess, it’s Netflix’s new series, The Queen’s Gambit. First, watch the show, then learn to play the game if you haven’t. If it sounds too ambitious or you don’t have somebody to practice with, try solitaire instead.

Design Your Dream Home

You might literally do this by commencing on a redecorating job in your current home, or you could build some Pinterest boards of various rooms for inspiration for the dream home you hope to have one day.

Online Exhibit Tour

Online Exhibit Tour

A growing number of museums are uploading their collections to the internet, making it possible for us to satisfy our cravings for art and culture without leaving the convenience of our own homes. With a multi channel home theatre, take a look around the interior of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is presented here.

Plan Your First Post-Covid Adventure

We don’t know when it will be safe to travel again, but it doesn’t stop us from fantasizing about visiting different countries and adding to our bucket list. Here’s some wanderlust to get you started, followed by a list of destinations designers can’t wait to see.

Play-to-Earn games

Play-to-Earn games

Play-to-Earn is a new era in the field of cryptocurrency that has become very popular these days! Many gamers can easily remember the days when they were sticked to their computer systems day and night and blamed for wasting time. Undoubtedly, spending hours on computer games has its own disadvantages. But the new thing is that what used to be just entertainment has now become a source of income. Now, playing computer games is the way to earn money, which is also enjoyable . A significant number of gamers are attracted to Play-To-Earn games. In fact, in this type of P2E games , gamers receive real financial rewards for their time and effort to win the game. P2E games have created a new world of digital economy. There are plenty of Free NFT Games that you can play and earn money without wasting your time.

Learn a New Instrument

There are several really helpful classes and resources that you can find online. If you already know how to play an instrument, another option is to educate yourself on a new song.

Online Holiday Shopping

Whether you are compiling your personal holiday wish list or purchasing for the people you care about, getting an early start is typically recommended. You can even do your shopping on Instagram!

Get Your Art Supplies Ready

Set up a little nook to start practicing art again, whether you like working with clay (try your hand at a stop motion video!), water coloring, or drawing. Crafting and being creative are fantastic ways to get out of your thoughts.

Volunteer Virtually

Many communities need assistance right now, and even if we might not be able to deliver any kind of tangible relief or consolation, we should nevertheless do what we can to help.

Bring Out Your Inner Bartender

Try these challenging (and more engaging) cocktail recipes instead of making the same old drinks from the same old recipes. Even if you and your cat are the only ones who enjoy it, everyone will still appreciate it.

Start needle-pointing or knitting.

According to a number of studies, knitting is an excellent stress reliever. Knitting a new blanket will not only provide you something to wrap yourself in, but it will also be a relaxing activity for you to engage in.

Cook Your Way Through a Book


If you’re someone who collects cookbooks but only ever cooks one of the recipes, or if you’ve never really prepared a meal from them and just use them as coffee table decor, now is the time to start. It’ll make cooking (and eating) a lot more fun. Plan themed dinners to add even more flavor!

Examine Auction Sites

If you don’t feel like going out and spending money but would still like the inspiration from window shopping, you can do it from home. Watching live auctions on eBay may offer a lot of extra excitement.

Create a Virtual Book Club

More time inside means more time to read. Try the book-a-week challenge and then meet up with a group of friends on FaceTime to discuss it. Alternatively, if you’ve been meaning to read the classics, now’s the time. 

Train The Green Thumb

If you can safely spend time in your yard, now is a good time to start planting. Even if you don’t have a garden or a backyard, you may participate in the fun with a little herb garden for the kitchen. Alternatively, you could simply get an indoor plant online.


Whether it’s already a part of your routine or you’ve been a skeptic (like me! ), now is a fantastic moment to invest in discovering your inner zen. Tara Martello, M.S. states, “When we are concerned about our resources, we must look within. We can still breathe. This condition affects our lungs and our ability to breathe. Let’s see if we can find our breath right now.” This software will assist you in getting started.

Plan a Talent Show

Organize a talent show if you’re currently cooped up in a home of two or more. A little light-hearted fun, whether it’s playing the piano, spoons, or dancing a jig, will be greatly appreciated. The more comedians there are in the house, the better! Laughter. Is. Beneficial.

Do Some Home Improvement Projects

There are undoubtedly numerous items in your home that may be improved. Whether you’ve been meaning to tidy the pantry, paint a door frame, or install floating shelves, these modest home improvements will improve the atmosphere and, as a result, your mood (plus, they’ll keep you occupied). Here are a few DIY projects to get you started.

Learn New Makeup Looks

Even if you haven’t left the house in a while, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun experimenting with different hair and makeup looks. You will have plenty of time to polish them before they are made available to the general public, which is a positive aspect.

Teach Your Neighborhood

For instance, if you are an accountant, you could host a Zoom session on taxation, and if you are a yoga teacher, you might host a session on yoga. Then, you could promote the session on social media.

Learn how to cut hair

Learn how to cut hair

Learn how to cut hair if you have a willing and competent roommate to help you out with it when you are already confined together. After getting the hang of cutting other people’s hair, I’ve turned my attention to mastering the art of self-cutting.

Investigate a New Subject

Have you ever been fascinated by a specific period in history, a popular figure, a bizarre conspiracy idea, or anything else? Now is the time to get educated. Make yourself an expert! Go knee-deep in the weeds of Reddit.

Practice Yoga or Pilates

There are many fantastic apps for use in the comfort of one’s home. You can take a class taught by an instructor or simply look up routines online to practice at your own pace. Glo has always been one of my favorites.

Learn a Foreign Language

If you were a pro in a foreign language in high school but have since lost your magic, or if you’re a first-timer, now is a fantastic time to start studying with a language program like Memrise or Duolingo. If you don’t want to study a new language, join another type of online program.

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