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The Best Ways To Explain The Coronation To Kids As UK Governess

Children in Britain have never witnessed a coronation. They are therefore unlikely to know what to anticipate when King Charles III is crowned, except that a lovely, sparkling gold crown will be placed on his head.

Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that, but you can’t expect kids, especially young ones, to comprehend what’s happening. A specialist in the early years advises that you can explain it to them and turn the big day into an enjoyable learning experience for them.

Some experts claim that it is an opportunity for kids and families to have fun and learn simultaneously. In this article, we will discuss how we exactly agree with what the experts say. 

Let’s List Some Of The Best Ways To Explain The Coronation To Kids As UK Governess

Parents who are unaware of the situation themselves can readily obtain the information online and pass it along to their inquisitive children. Some previously mentioned experts claim that the greatest approach to ensure that kids enjoy the coronation is to give them a chance to pursue their own interests.

Children will undoubtedly understand the event, so it’s important to draw on their personal experiences and what it means to them at home, according to the expert.  Many families will be preparing activities during the bank holiday weekend, and kids may be attending street parties. Consider what attracts them.

Here are some ideas that can make the coronation more understandable and enjoyable for kids:

  • Help them learn about it
  • Leave them to focus on what is interesting to them 
  • Use pictures and storybooks
  • Practice role-play if that’s what they would like 
  • Just simply talk to them about it

For example, depending on the child’s age, parents can go through the fundamentals of how Charles will be crowned with the solid gold jewel-encrusted St. Edward’s Crown after being anointed with holy oil, given an orb, coronation ring, and scepter.

Being A Great London Governess, It Will Be Easy And Fun For You To Help Them Learn About It 

If the amazing family chooses you as their governess and one of the greatest UK Governess Agencies helps them with that, there will be very easy for you to help the children with their learning.  

All the greatest agencies should always advise you to tap into knowledge and understanding of the world, and the coronation is a good way to start learning about that. This is in addition to being a great opportunity to help young children learn about kings and queens and a bit of basic history, such as who the King’s grandparents and great-grandparents were, etc.

When children recall that the Queen died and we now have a King, that’s when you can get into those early history lessons, as you should. This is a chance for kids to advance in all facets of learning and growth, not just remember the specifics of the event. It will facilitate the formation of crucial neural connections, she claims.

Make Sure That The Kids Pick What Is Interesting To Them When Discussing This Topic (And Any Other Topic, As A Matter Of Fact) 

Children may watch significant portions of the ceremony, such as when Charles is crowned. However, don’t anticipate them to endure hours of pomp and circumstance, advise the experts.

Because it will be a vibrant and colorful event, some kids will participate, but only in the parts that interest them. For others, it will be the soldiers, marching bands, and uniforms; for others, it may be the carriages and horses; or it may be the elegant clothing and jewelry.

Part Of Being A Great London Governess Is To Know To Choose Appropriate Pictures And Storybooks

Young children frequently find it easier to absorb visuals and stories than adults’ lengthy explanations. Therefore, make sure to pay attention to the questions their children may have about the coronation and to utilize books and illustrations to assist explain.

King Charles, who? Show them pictures and stories; there are many children’s books with pertinent tales available, and it is up to you to choose them wisely. Pick up reputable works that young readers may relate to and that impart key lessons. 

Some of them might not be your personal favorites, but realize that you have no control over them. It’s also crucial that they are simple enough for children to read. 

Strong illustrations can be very beneficial, but be aware that it is not about illustrations only. 

Practice Role-Play If That’s What They Would Like 

Young children can hold their own coronation ceremony with the aid of any regal dress-up things you may have lying around the house. In case you are stocked up on robes, cloaks, crowns, and jewelry and seeing what the kids do with them.

What could also be a great idea is to talk about the coronation and what will happen on the day so that kids can role-play and act it out. That way, as an awesome London Governess you will give them plenty of chances to use their imaginations.

Simply Talk To Them about It 

Children will almost surely be chatting about the coronation with their parents and with one another given the national enthusiasm and media surrounding it, according to experts. There should be many opportunities to discuss it as they could not fully comprehend what is happening, she asserts.

Be careful to practice active listening so that you can comprehend each other better. Children who listen actively feel heard and understood. Offering them a bribe is something else that can be appealing and seems like it would make things simpler. Use your London governess superpowers to engage them in the conversation by having fun with them instead of offering them all kinds of bribes. 

To sum it all up, it does not matter which method you will choose. You can’t forcefully make such memories happen, but the more you make the event significant to the youngster, the more likely they are to remember it. Just make sure to create memories by having fun and learning at the same time. 


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