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The Best Team Fortress 2 Weapons

The Best Team Fortress 2 Weapons

Step up Your Game With Top Team Fortress 2 Weapons.

The weapons you use in Team Fortress 2 can mean the difference between winning and losing. Check out the best weapons that can take your game to a whole new level.

Even though it came out years ago, Team Fortress 2 is one of the hottest first-person shooters out there. It’s got everything you need – fantastic combat, a fun community, dynamic gameplay – what more could you ask for? 

It’s not surprising that there are well over 50 million active players all around the world who join the game daily. So, whether you’re a novice or a pro, you’ll always find awesome teammates to play with. And to get the most out of Team Fortress 2, all you need is the right winning mindset and a great weapon. 

Luckily, the latter come in abundance. There are 160 unique weapons in TF2! Some of them you’ll come across randomly, some you need to craft, and some you’ll get by trading. 

Whether you want to use or sell Team Fortress 2 items, here are some of the best weapons in the game. 

Mad Milk 

If you’re new to the game, you might be surprised by the wide variety of random items you can use for combat – and that’s precisely what makes TF2 so great. 

Mad Milk doesn’t immediately strike you as a great weapon. It’s just a plain-looking bottle filled with a white, milk-like substance. Its appearance doesn’t give away much. But it’s so much more powerful than it seems. 

Mad Milk is a community-created weapon designed for the Scout. You can use it as a projectile and throw it at your enemies to deal damage and reveal enemy spies. For 10 seconds, 60% of the damage dealt to the affected enemies will return to you as health. 

Black Box 

If you’re playing as the Soldier, you’ll love using the Black Box. It works great as a primary weapon as you can get up to +20 health points per successful attack. 

It looks simple enough – a black, rectangular weapon with two fashionable gray fastening belts. But it’s powerful enough to cause some serious damage to the enemy team. It’s essentially an upgrade on the good, old rocket launcher, allowing you to deal damage both in close quarters and upping your ranged assaults. 

The only downside to the Black Box is that you’ll get your clip reduced by one, so you’ll have to reload a bit more frequently. 


Another awesome weapon for the Scout is the Atomizer. Although you might think it’s a kind of explosive when you first hear its name, it’s actually much more straightforward than this (which doesn’t mean it’s not quite effective in combat!). It’s an aluminum baseball bat with a friendly pop-art style Bonk! logo. 

When wielding this mighty weapon, you’ll enjoy your newly-gained triple jump ability, which will leave a nice, purple-colored smoke trail behind you when your Atomizer is active. Additionally, you’ll get mini-crits which grant you extra 35% damage. However, you’ll also have a 50% deploy time penalty and 15% less damage.

Brass Beast 

Don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten the “shooter” part of this first-person shooter. If you want to play around with some heavy artillery, you need the Brass Beast – a great primary weapon for none other than the Heavy. 

Lovingly nicknamed Oksana, it’s a brass minigun with fantastic specs. More powerful than the default Minigun you might’ve gotten used to, the Brass Beast deals 20% more damage and gives you 20% damage resistance when you’re under 50% health. Sure, it’s a bit slower than the Minigun, but it’s still a weapon made for the champions. 

Warrior’s Spirit 

The Warrior’s Spirit is the perfect weapon for you if you enjoy melee combat. Designed for the Heavy, it’s a pair of incredible bear paw gloves that will make your enemies tremble in fear. 

The razor-sharp claws boast 30% more damage than the ordinary Fists and give you 50% more health when you make a kill. They’ll allow you to survive any close combat as long as you use them strategically. 

Of course, such an awesome weapon can’t but have a flaw. Your Heavy will suffer 30% more damage, but it’s a fair price to pay for the sheer brutal appearance, if nothing else. 


Anyone who successfully unlocks 10 Heavy achievements will get the wonderful, replenishing Sandvich as a secondary food item. While it seems like any dull sandwich at first, it can prove to be an invaluable item while you’re in combat. 

With its two slices of bread, some refreshing lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese, ham, bologna, and an olive to top it all off, the Sandvich will restore your Heavy’s health to a full 300 (with no overheal). Not only will the Sandvich health your Heavy, but it can be used as a medium health kit by your teammates and even Medics as well. 

Dead Ringer 

Every Spy needs a Dead Ringer in their arsenal. This golden pocket watch can cloak you when you’re injured and drop a Spy ragdoll in the meantime to distract the enemies. If you happen to be disguised as one of your teammates, this handy little tool will drop a ragdoll of your current class. 

When you activate your Dead Ringer, your cloak will drop to 50%, and you’ll get a short speed boost. You’ll enjoy 75% reduced damage and gain added damage resistance. 

You can unlock the Dead Ringer once you’ve gotten 17 Spy achievements. 

Golden Frying Pan 

This Australium Frying Pan is a rare weapon that all classes in TF2 can use. It essentially works as any default melee weapon you might be using, regardless of your class. But what makes it unique is that killing an enemy with it will produce pure Australium ragdolls. 

You can only get the magnificent Golden Frying Pan by completing advanced or expert Tour of Duty missions in mann up mode. 


As its name would suggest, the Spy-cicle is a melee weapon for the Spy class. Not unlike an icicle, it’s a long, thin, sharp spike that’s accompanied by mist from the third-person view. If you kill an enemy by backstabbing them with the Spy-cicle, they’ll be frozen solid in the typical death-by-backstabbing pose. 

If you’re hit by fire when using the Spy-cicle, your weapon will immediately melt, extinguish you, and make you immune to afterburn for 10 seconds. It will take 15 seconds for your Spy-cicle to regenerate. 


Using the right weapon in combat can significantly improve your gameplay and make Team Fortress 2 that much more immersive. Give these weapons a try, and see for yourself exactly what makes them so phenomenal.

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