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The Best Selling Light Fixtures of 2024 from We Got Lites- Home Decor & Lighting Store

Quality lighting adds an unparalleled contribution to interior design. It enlivens space with aesthetic appeal and simultaneously makes it functional and sets the mood. “We Got Lites – Home Decor & Lighting Store” is one of the main local lighting and home decor destinations in Staten Island, the first innovative and stylish lighting solutions for homes and businesses. With a big range of the best light fixtures this 2024, coupled with exceptional service, we have managed to be among the top companies in the industry, especially in places like Queens and New Jersey.

Transforming Spaces with Light

Lighting is, without doubt, something that transforms an ordinary room into something exceptional. At We Got Lites, our best-selling light fixtures for 2024 are the ones that illuminate your room and further assist in raising the feeling. From the most elegant chandeliers to the sleekest pendant lights and the most functional track lighting, every piece that reaches the customer lives up to the highest quality and style standards.

Why We Got Lites?

We Got Lites is located at 360 Industrial Loop, Staten Island, NY 10309. We are really proud of the very wide diversity of lighting solutions that We Got Lites offers its customers at its store. Whether you are looking for luxury crystal chandeliers or something simpler, and of minimalist design, this store in Queens, New York, is the number one destination for quality lights in New York and New Jersey.

Our commitment to providing affordability without compromising on quality has put us ahead of the game, and we have since become the number one choice for most customers looking for an affordable home décor company in Queens and the finest lighting store in New Jersey. Our in-store staff is well trained and always at hand to help you select the perfect lighting fixtures which suit your home’s architecture and interior design.

Discovering Our 2024 Best Sellers

  • The Queens Elegance Chandelier: This chandelier is considered the best seller in Queens because it combines luxury with just the right atmosphere. Suitable for both modern and traditional decoration styles, this chandelier is, in fact, what makes us the best home decor shop in Queens.
  • Industrial Loop Pendant: This pendant fixture, named for the design of the looped frame and its iconic location, is of a modern and industrial aesthetic. This is ideal for modern houses and offices within Staten Island and one of the favorites for those who are on a budget in their decoration, proving that style does not have to be costly.
  • The Jersey Radiance Floor Lamp: Beautiful in form and function, this lamp is at the center of every other popular home in New Jersey. It delivers functionality and style—everything a Jerseyite’s home stands for. This is just an example of why we are said to be the best lighting store in all of New Jersey.

Tailored Lighting Solutions

At We Got Lites we realize that no two spaces are the same. We offer personal solutions in lighting to meet your space’s requirements. Be it your personal space, a living space, or an office space, our staff will take you through the options so that you find just the right fixtures for your decor and budget.

Visit Us or Call Today

Make sure to stop by our store in Staten Island, NY, at 360 Industrial Loop, Staten Island, NY 10309. The store with a world of lighting for the residents of Queens and the New Jersey regions, with our professionals at your service, guides you through the most beautiful lighting of your space. Please feel free to call us for any queries or directions at 718-360-5315. There we will be, all set to help you with your entire lighting and décor requirement. 


Your lighting in your home or office serves more than just a purpose of necessity; it is one of the aesthetic components that will significantly affect the look and feel of your space. We are We Got Lites – Home Decor & Lighting Store, committed to being one of the best in lighting solutions in Queens, Staten Island, and New Jersey for our customers up to 2024. Our quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction uphold our position as the leader in the competition of home decor. Stop in today or give us a call at 718-360-5315 for more information about our top sellers in lighting fixtures and how we can help light up your world. Remember, whether it’s New Jersey’s most affordable lighting store, or Queens’ finest in local home decor, We Got Lites is your ultimate destination!

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