The Best Salon CRM Software – 100% Free | 2023

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This time we have headhunted 20+ salon CRM software and compared their features, prices, and ease of usage. After long research, we found a hidden treasure, named Yottled. It is a 100% free salon CRM software suitable for all types of salons and spas. It is also easy to manage with simple navigation. 

In this article, we are going to cover

  • What features does Yottled’s salon CRM have?
  • How exactly the free CRM pricing model works? 

10 Awesome Features in the Free Salon CRM Software

1. Automatic data storage: As soon as someone books an appointment, Yottled’s salon CRM creates a digital profile for that client and stores all the information such as appointment details, contact info (from the intake form), and payment status. 

2. Manual data addition: You can manually upload documents, images, and custom notes to the client profiles. 

3. Unlimited storage: You can store as many client profiles as you want without any upper limit. 

4. Automated confirmation message: When a customer books a salon appointment, the CRM automatically sends the confirmation message to the service provider and customer via email and SMS. 

5. Store payment card on file: Yottled’s salon CRM software stores payment card data on file (with the security enabled-you can see only the last 4 digits of the card) and attach it to the client profile. It is very convenient for repeat and recurring payments. 

6. Email marketing campaigns: Segment the customers from the CRM and send bulk marketing emails with Yottled’s drag-and-drop campaign builder and templates. 

7. Access customer data anytime: Access all the customers’ data anytime you want without worrying about getting it destroyed, misplace, or deleted. Yottled’s salon CRM is built on a 100% secure cloud platform with the latest encryption standards.   

Access all this information in seconds.  

  • Responses to the digital intake forms, 
  • Payment history, 
  • Membership enrollment data, 
  • Upcoming and past appointments, 
  • Notes and documents,
  • Past purchases, 
  • Attended events, 
  • Cancellations, and more.

8. Custom reminders: Yottled sends automatic reminders a day and an hour before the appointment to ensure everyone arrives on time. 

9. Payment integration: Payment integration can be set up in minutes without any coding or technical requirement. Accept a partial deposit, take full upfront payment, or charge later on, Yottled’s CRM supports everything. 

10. Reports: Want to know which salon employee handled how many appointments, the commission they earned, tips, etc.? You can do this with Yottled’s customized reports. 

How does the free salon CRM model work?

While most CRM for salons are expensive and cost between $70 to $450 per month, Yottled’s salon CRM is free for business. They charge a small convenience fee to your end customers when they schedule an appointment with your salon or make a payment using the PoS machine. No cost to the salons. No revenue sharing. You use all the features for free with unlimited capacity. 

For example, you order a $4 burger from McDonald’s using Uber Eats, which has $0.99 delivery charges. Who pays the delivery charges in this example? It’s YOU, the final user, not McDonald’s. Your bill will be $4.99 ($4+ $0.99 delivery charges). 

In the same way, when someone books an appointment with your salon, Yottled adds $0.99 convenience fees to their final bill. You (salon owner) don’t need to pay anything out of your pocket to use Yottled CRM for salons with all other features like appointment booking, scheduling, reminders, forms, email marketing, etc. 

You can get more information about Yottled’s free salon CRM from here. 

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