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The Best Pre Rolled Cones in 2023: Top Priorities of Pre-Rolls

Seniors have distinct tastes than younger generations and are the main demographic group consuming cones at the highest rate. Because of this, the industry is continuously changing, and the demand for pre-roll is also increasing. 

More customers are now purchasing cones, and they all have different preferences. Pre-rolls are still a mainstay in every cones store because of their practicality and ordinarily affordable prices, nevertheless.

Numerous pre-roll brands are competing for shelf space, so it’s important for sellers to be informed about the market and the most recent customer preferences in order to stock what’s in demand.

Let’s look at what 2023 consumers will be searching for in a pre roll!

Methods of Smoking 

There are numerous choices, such as joints, bongs, and dabs. Pre-rolls are highly preferred over bongs, pipes, and dabs by poll pool, despite the rising popularity of high-THC concentrates. According to a survey by Custom Cones USA, 78% of participants choose joints or pre-rolls, 9% prefer bongs and pipes, and 4% prefer dabbing.

Although there is a big push for cones products with a lot of THC, many consumers prefer flowers over dabs. A recent survey found that 77.5% of those who consume cones flowers and concentrates prefer flowers. Only a small percentage of cannabis flowers contain more than 30% THC, and many users prefer to stay between 15% and 20% THC. Dabs can have a THC content as high as 80%, which is a lot for most consumers to take everyday.

Flowers are pre-rolls if we’re particularly talking about the easiest or most practical way to smoke cones. Customers love the simplicity and practicality of pre-rolled joints since they save them from having to load a bowl or fuss with glass. Furthermore, for clients who only want to smoke a  flower or experiment with other brands and strains, they are significantly less expensive than purchasing whole flowers.

Because pre-rolls typically come in multi-packs, customers frequently buy them before departing for social occasions with friends. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, multi-packs have gained enormous popularity since they offer a great way to avoid sharing a joint while minimizing the risk of viral transmission. Your business is missing out on a sizable portion of the market if it doesn’t provide a variety of multi-packs with different pre-roll numbers or sizes.

Top Priorities of Pre-Rolls

When choosing which goods to purchase, each internet visitor has different priorities. While some consumers base their choices on THC levels, others consider the packaging and branding.

The three factors a group takes into account when purchasing marijuana are given below.

  • Pricing is one of the most crucial elements for consumers. More than 26% of people believe price is the most important factor when making a pre-roll buy.
  • After pricing, the flower’s quality should be considered to be of utmost importance. The floral quality of the pre-rolled joint was cited as the most crucial consideration by nearly 22% of study respondents. Many customers avoid pre-rolled joints because some companies use them as a way to get rid of trim or lower-quality flowers. Many companies are beginning to understand this and only use ground product from their most expensive range of material.
  • The kind of flower in the pre-rolled joint is the third most crucial element in the eyes of the consumer. Indica, Sativa, and hybrid specifiers were cited by 17% of respondents as being the most significant consideration in their pre-roll purchase decision, and by nearly 22% of respondents as being the second most significant consideration in their final decision. This makes sense because many types have various consequences. However, we anticipate that the cannabis sector will take the lead in getting customers to care about other cannabinoids, terpene profiles, and the best delivery method and dose for their body in addition to these two identifiers.

Note: No doubt full-flower and infused pre roll cones are quite popular, but this time infused pre-rolls won. While 47.8% of consumers participants prefer full-flower pre roll joints, 52.2% prefer infused pre roll joints.

Paper Type

Over 50% of respondents said they would prefer to use 100% organic hemp paper. Intriguingly, hemp fibers are one of the greatest plants to wrap a joint with Cannabis and hemp are perhaps close or maybe sisters. Hemp papers are easier to roll fantastic joints with since their fibers are stronger and thinner than those of other plant materials. For many cones consumers who are also concerned about their health, hemp plants are the ideal choice because they tend to be less genetically modified than other plant species.

Blunts vs. Joints

Classic paper cones are the most popular buy, according to nearly 67% of the population. 14% favor botanical blunts, while 19% stated hemp wraps are their first choice. Consumers can’t seem to get away from the classics because of something!


While the cones industry is constantly innovating, many consumers still stick to the tried-and-true. flower blunts are chosen over traditional cones. The traditional W-shaped filter tip is more popular with customers than some of the fancier alternatives. But there are still a lot of customers who like the more contemporary options, so it’s critical for stores to provide choices.

You can stay ahead of the curve and be ready to change course if necessary by keeping up with the most recent preferences and trends.

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