The Best Online Platforms for Casting Voiceover

Casting Voiceover

Are you a content creator looking for voiceover talent? Then you have come to the right place. Sure, cheap freelancing services serve their purpose from time to time, but if you want professional quality voiceovers and peace of mind that they will be done right, you have to use a quality voiceover service. Below you can explore the top 3 voiceover platforms in 2022 and why they are so special.

Why Should You Use Voiceover Services?

If you have found this article, you probably have an excellent reason for looking for a great voiceover platform, but if not, here’s why you should begin using voiceover services. If you’re a business creating content in only one language, you should definitely invest in dubbing your content. Not only does this allow you to access a wider global audience, but this will allow your viewership rates to go through the roof. Any of the voiceover platforms below offer these services, so continue reading to find out more.


One of the first voiceover platforms on this list, and arguably the best in the market right now, is Voquent, not only for the top-quality voiceovers they provide but also for the variety of additional services. Do you need a narrator for your video? Voquent has you covered. Do you need translating done? Voquent does that too. With an intuitive filter system that allows you to find talent based on languages, vocal ranges, tones, accents, age, gender, and more, Voquent will enable you to find the perfect voice for your job in seconds. There are also over 70,000 demos to browse through and over 1,700 dialects and accents to choose from. In addition, Voquent also offers many accessibility options, such as closed captioning, subtitling services, audio description services, and more.


Another popular choice for anyone searching for professional voiceover services would be Voicebunny, which is trusted by many high-profile clients. Do you need a voiceover for a product review or commercial/advertisement? Voicebunny offers those services and many more. They have around 5,000 voiceover artists to choose from, with over 100 different languages and accents. What’s more, they boast that they can get you connected with talent and start on your project especially fast.


If you are very particular about who does your voiceovers, the final entry on this list might be the voiceover platform for you; Voices. Why? Because Voices has a massive talent pool of voiceover professionals. With a database like that, it makes sense why they have worked with some huge companies. 

Whichever platform you choose, professional voiceover services will always create a better product than giving it a go yourself. Only a professional has the industry understanding and ability to sell your message accurately, with an incredible performance and a high-quality recording.

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