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The best online platform to invest in oil 


Oil, also known as black gold, has always been one of the best-known investment strategies and, at times, the subject of controversy and debate.

Oil, in fact, despite the overwhelming action of research, study, and making available of the so-called renewable energies, retains, for the moment, an essential role at an energy and industrial level.

Black gold, in consideration of the fact that it cannot be identified either as an infinite or renewable resource, remains a very precious commodity with certain volatility in the course of the market.

From a purely financial point of view, oil can be considered a particularly interesting investment, potentially profitable, and significantly suitable for maintaining a good portfolio diversification even if it cannot be considered completely uncorrelated with the economic markets’ trend on a global scale level.

What means do we have to invest in oil in the financial markets?

It should be noted, first of all, that the financial prices available on the market and relating to the asset, concern the price of crude oil per barrel and express the performance of 2 different types of oil: brent which identifies the price of oil of European origin and the WTI which distinguishes the American one.

In its various meanings that we have identified above, crude oil is traded at NYMEX in New York and Intercontinental in Atlanta and concerns spot contracts for immediate delivery of lots consisting of 1000 barrels of oil.

You can invest in black gold in the following ways:

  • buy shares in companies operating in the oil sector;
  • negotiate specific ETCs on the price of crude oil;
  • buy commodity mutual funds;
  • purchase derivative financial instruments such as futures and options;
  • negotiate contracts for differences that have oil prices as their underlying assets.

What oil stocks to buy?

It is, therefore, a related investment but not exclusively cantered on the price of the asset. It is quite evident, in fact, that the companies on which it is decided to focus, in general, have a business activity that probably belongs to a small branch of the wider supply chain that begins with the extraction of gold and ends with its distribution to the public.

An investment in company shares that belong to the oil sector, in any case, requires an adequate risk appetite (with the awareness of being able to suffer a loss), an appropriate time objective, and a good capacity to bear in the event of noteworthy oscillatory movements.

Wanting to go into more detail, we can identify some of the best-known shares to be evaluated for possible purchase in the sector.

Oil Profit- the best online trading platform to buy oil stocks

The purchase and sale of equity financial instruments in the sector can only be carried out using the services provided by an authorized intermediary (credit institution, financial company, or broker authorized for online trading). Today, we are engaged in exploring the sector of brokers operating in the financial market and offering a wide range of services both in the field of products and in terms of market accessibility.

Oil Profit is an online oil trading platform that fosters the meeting between savers and the reference market by making it possible to operate online trading with the effective conclusion of contracts on derivative products.

It is a leading platform in the derivative products sector and uses highly advanced technological software. The graphic interface is captivating and full of information and graphics that allow the investor to carry out an initial technical analysis of the market and product in person. The smartphone application is very agile and allows you to operate remotely without criticality.

For savers interested in investing in the raw materials sector (oil and natural gas), Oil Profit offers a wide range of opportunities; Specifically, these are futures contracts, options on the price of crude oil, and contracts for difference that have oil as their underlying.

The platform is characterized by very low spreads and an acceptable commission markup, making it, in fact, a valid solution for all investors who have a high-risk propensity, a very short-term (speculative) time objective, and who opt for the conclusion of intraday operations.

To operate through the sophisticated technology platform that acts as an underlying to the operations promoted by OIL PROFIT, it is necessary, first of all, to become a customer by opening a personal account (exclusively electronic and paperless procedure).

To have the widest range of products available, it is advisable to open a Basic profile that allows access to all markets and all financial instruments (including shares).

Access to all markets allows you to trade all the best-known oil stocks; the agile and intuitive platform, the very low commissions, and the high number of debt securities available make OIL PROFIT an excellent choice for your online trading.

Oil Profit one of the best-known and most appreciated online trading platforms in the national panorama. It is a serious and reliable interlocutor and authorized to rely on to conclude online trading operations.

How to buy oil stocks on Oil profit?

After having turned on a personal account through an oil profit login and having set up the recharge of the same, it is possible to start taking full advantage of the potential offered by Oil Profit. On the other hand, for all those who still have doubts, a sophisticated demo version is available to use to get used to the procedures.

By exploring the available products, it is possible to view the tradable shares; as regards the oil sector, there is a vast choice worldwide. CFDs on oil and main derivative instruments (such as futures and binary options) are also available for those who do not want to trade shares.


Finally, the Oil Profit platform offers its customers a wide range of ancillary services (social trading) of great use for both informational and practical purposes. The training webinars focus on highly topical economic and financial issues and are accurate and in-depth. At the same time, copy trading and auto trading services are valid supports in online trading operations.

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