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Pepperstone is an award-winning online financial derivatives provider that offers traders a variety of trading and investing products. The company has been in operation since 2005 and has offices around the world including Hong Kong, Dubai, Sydney and London. It’s one of only a few brokers that offer both forex trading platforms as well as cryptocurrency trading platforms with real time market data feeds from over 150 exchanges worldwide such as Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Binance etc…

Traders Union Group:

Traders Union, a financial derivatives provider, is one of the best online forex brokers in the world. MultiBank provides its clients with access to more than 200 different types of financial products and services. The company’s headquarters are located in London, England; however it also has offices located in other parts of Europe as well as Asia and America.

Traders Union is an award-winning online financial derivatives provider with over 25 years of experience in the market. 

The firm has been operating since 2005 and has won several awards for its products including Best Brokerage Provider of the Year 2017 by Forex Magnates Awards (FMAA) and Best Execution Provider of the Year 2018 by FMAA!

Account currencies: USD

Pepperstone allows you to trade with the following currencies:

  • USD
  • AUD
  • JPY (Japanese currency)

You can also trade in other major currencies, including GBP, EUR and CAD.

Minimum Deposit: $200

The minimum deposit is $200. This is the amount of money you need to open an account with Pepperstone and trade on their platform. There is no maximum deposit limit, so you can deposit more than this if you want to!

Leverage: Up to 1:500

Leverage: Up to 1:500

The maximum leverage allowed by Pepperstone is 1:500, which means you can trade with 500 times more money than you have deposited. There are two types of leverage available on Pepperstone’s platform:

  • Minimum Leverage (1:100) – This type of leverage allows for small amounts of capital to be used in large trades and will be despatched at the market price at the time of execution, rather than being specified by yourself as an offer or bid price. If there are no bids available (for example during volatile markets), your account will automatically go into ‘Market Order’ mode and allow it to execute against all available offers at current market prices without having any control over how much money goes into each order placed!

Spread: From 0 pips

The spread is the difference between the bid and ask price of a financial instrument. It’s calculated in pips (pennies), which would be $0.01 at current exchange rates (1 pip = 0.01 USD).

The spread can be fixed or variable, depending on how you trade. If you buy one currency pair at 1:1, then sell it immediately and close out your position without moving any other positions as well, no commissions are incurred because there was no transaction involved in this trade; therefore, only one pip was added to your account balance. In contrast, if you were trading multiple pairs simultaneously with different expiry dates—for example: EUR/USD and AUD/USD—you would incur two different spreads because each pair had its own time frame for settlement: European Central Bank’s intervention policy dictates that all trades must be settled within one month; whereas Australian central bank does not impose such restrictions on their citizens’ accounts as long as they do not exceed $15 million worth of transactions per month or 60% of total daily trading volume during any given period of time

Instruments: Forex Trading Platforms, Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

Pepperstone offers a wide range of trading instruments. These include Forex Trading Platforms, Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms and CFD Indices. Pepperstone also has a large selection of Stocks and Currency Indices.

Pepperstone allows you to trade on all major currency pairs as well as commodities such as energy, gold and silver. You can also access commodity indices such as the CRB Commodities Index or GSCI Global Commodity Indexes via Pepperstone’s unique proprietary technology called “SmartFX.”

Margin Call / Stop Out: 80% / 50%

Margin Call / Stop Out:

80% / 50%

The Margin Call/Stop Out is triggered when your account falls below a certain threshold. The maximum amount of leverage and leverage ratio of Pepperstone are 1:1 (1:100), so any loss over this limit will result in a margin call being issued by mejores brokers de forex  to cover your losses. This can only happen when there is an adverse market movement or no liquidity available in the market that makes it impossible for you to close out your position with sufficient funds deposited into your account.

Traders Union is an award-winning online financial derivatives provider.

Traders Union is an award-winning online financial derivatives provider. The company has multiple legal entities in different jurisdictions, with headquarters in Sydney and Hong Kong. It also has international offices located in Sydney, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Dubai as well as London.

Traders Union’s experienced team of traders provides you with the most competitive rates on all contracts covering stocks, futures and foreign exchange markets around the world including USD/CNY (Chinese Yuan), AUD/USD (Australian Dollar), EUR/USD (Euro) etc..


The Pepperstone is an award-winning online financial derivatives provider. It has multiple offices across the globe including Hong Kong, Dubai and London. The company offers a diverse range of services including Forex trading platforms, cryptocurrency trading platforms and more!

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