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The Best & Most Useful Apps for Frequent Travelers

Year by year, traveling is getting better than ever, as well as more fun, too. This is the first time in history that people have complete access to almost any part of the world. One can literally circle the entire planet within a span of several hours. However, there are many ways that you can make your traveling much more efficient and interesting. You should always check out multiple websites before traveling. This way, you can make your travels as perfect as possible. Moreover, you can even use a simple travel blog website template and upload your own tips for other travelers – this way, your traveling experience can be shared and even monetized to help you with traveling expenses. And one of the main tip to ease your trips is to use apps. Here is the list of the most useful apps one frequent traveler can have:

TripIt Pro

   This is an app that was released a year ago and it is changing travel forever. It literally notifies you about the most recent changes regarding reservations, flight changes, departure, and arrival gates. But the app does not stop here. TripIt Pro also provides you with information about cancellation or delay of the flight and whether you can expect any money from the company. It also gives you updates on airport security wait times that renew every minute, at an expanding number of airports. Also, you can find there an interactive airport maps that help you feel familiar in any airport
Price: $39 / year.


   This is a highly efficient app that brings all of the local restaurants directly to your door, and it doesn’t matter if you’re in a hotel, Airbnb apartment, or a private house. The app is rated #3 in the Food & Drink section of the app store, and this is not by accident. UberEats also features in-depth reviews, descriptions of foods and menus, and offers the best foods in town. After a long, tiring flight, ordering a nice meal will definitely relax you out.
Price: Free.


   Obviously, no one wants a flight delay but knowing of it happening will probably allow you to think of multiple alternative options before anyone else knows. The FlightRadar24 app notifies you whether a flight will be delayed long before anyone else tells you. By searching your flight number on this app, you can track any aircraft, and check whether it’s on the way to where you are.
Price: Free.


   TimeOut is the number one resource that will help you find the best local coffee, fine dining, cheap places to have a meal, or the best part in almost any city in the world. The app has drastically risen in popularity the last couple of months since many travelers have lost trust in apps such as TripAdvisor and Yelp. By looking through TimeOut’s top lists and other provided resources, you literally stand the best chance of venturing into a restaurant, bar, coffee shop or a club that will be impressive.
Price: Free.


   The Kayak app is one of the most useful tools that help you save money on every flight you want to book. The trick is that is has brilliant price trackers. Kayak is the number one flight search engine; it easily pools together all of the results from the best booking sites. Also, it offers highly efficient price trackers, all for free. Before booking in on any flight, you should always compare prices on Kayak. With this app, all of this is incredibly easy and efficient.
Price: Free.

Mobile Passport

   If you are a U.S. or Canada citizen, this app can let you go faster through the securities in the airport and custom services. The Mobile Passport app allows you to track most of immigration formalities on customs that are usually quite time consuming. Basically, it is an alternative to your blue-and-white  paper declaration form. It saves a lot of time in front of the guys in uniforms.
Price: Free.

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