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The Best, Most Popular, Most Secure VPNs on the Market

Virtual Private Networks (or VPNs) are, as the name suggests, private networks to which only authorised people have access to. Developed by a Microsoft employee in the mid 1990’s, VPNs were first designed for direct, peer to peer communication. Over time, the VPNs were adopted by large corporations to have connectivity with their system over the internet and at the same time ensuring that no unauthorized person could access it.

In recent years, the need to keep one’s identity safe has made people now more aware than ever of how their privacy is violated without their consent.

Top 10 VPNs

Following is a list of VPNs that offer the highest level of security, privacy and the ability to bypass restrictions:

1) Buffered VPN: Based in Hungary, Buffered VPN offers its services in a country that has the laxest laws for surveillance. The VPN offers decent speed with a high level of security. The app supports Windows, iOS and even Linux. This means wherever you are, whatever device you use to use the internet, you can simply install the app and hide your identity.The service comes at a price though. USD 12.5 monthly, USD 57 for 6 months and USD 93 annual flexible packages mean one can choose the plan that fits him or her best.

2) PureVPN: Another VPN service based in a place where there is no restriction on data retention, PureVPN has a massive server size (in excess of 750) geographically spread in 141 countries. It offers an array of services that makes it one of the best VPNs out there: stealth mode, P2P connectivity, video streaming, online banking security and much more. It supports a vast range of platforms and devices, including smart TVs and even Netflix. In terms of pricing, it is one the most affordable ones, with as little as USD 3 per month for a 2-year contract.

3) ZenMate: A plain, no frills VPN, ZenMate offers online privacy and IP masking service. It supports major operating platforms, both for computers and mobiles. The interface is very simple and perfect for non-technical persons. It is also available as extensions in Firefox and Chrome, meaning your privacy is safe just a click away. Zenmate has a free version and subscription one too. The free version is limited in its abilities (such as the number of servers you can connect to) but is still a strong service. Like all paid VPNs, it offers monthly, biannual and yearly packages (USD 8.99, 7.49 and 4.99 respectively).

4) Hotspot Shield: One of the most known VPN services, Hotspot Shield offers an astounding 50,000 IP addresses users can connect to. The service went through a troubling time in 2017, when it was accused by a privacy group of spying on their own customers. However, it is still one of the best VPN available in the market. Like ZenMate, it also supports a large number of platforms and has browser extensions too. Although it does not offer a peer 2 peer connection or torrent support, it does have a kill switch, letting users to terminate their connections immediately.

5) ExpressVPN: A military grade encryption, torrent support and no logging of user data, ExpressVPN is a dead serious VPN for those who want their privacy kept to the extreme. With servers spread in nearly 100 countries, users have access to U.S. Netflix and online gaming without any lag. To keep their service quality maintained, ExpressVPN only supports three devices per user. Services start at USD 13 per month, USD 60 for six and USD 100 for annual subscription.

6) StrongVPN: Dedicated network of nearly 700 servers, spanning 70 locations and touching 60,000 IP addresses, StrongVPN is a definite choice for users looking for a serious level VPN. They service providers owns all of its servers, meaning users will not face issues in restrictions that third party server companies may impose. Users can also get a dedicated IP address if the need arises. Subscription is also priced perfectly, with USD 10 per month and a cheap USD 69.99 per year.

7) VyperVPN: Perhaps operating the most extensive network, VyperVPN operates more than 700 servers and offers in excess of 200,000 IP addresses. Unlimited bandwidth, peer to peer connection, AES 256 military grade encryption and based in privacy friendly Switzerland. The services come with a price though. USD 12 per month (annualized) and USD 60 per annum are high, but the quality of service justifies.

8) Private Internet Access: A perfect blend of high-quality service and low pricing is what Private Internet Access offers. Based in U.S.A and in the market for nearly 9 years, a staggering 3,252 servers ensure ever smooth services. At USD 6.95 per month and USD 39.95 per year, the service is one of the cheapest.

9) IPVanish: A beginner user oriented, IPVanish does not lack in services. Easy to install, it does not log data of users. With most of its servers placed inside the U.S., it may have issues in unlocking some websites. A brief chat with tech support, however, can help you out. HD streaming, P2P and online gaming does not have caps at all. Get your hands on it for USD 10 per month or USD 6.49 per month for an annual plan.

10) NordVPN: VPNs not doing enough for your privacy? NordVPN offers an unbeatable combination of AES 256 encryption, DNS leak protection, minimal logging of data, onion over VPN and (for those who still are not satisfied) a double VPN. You read it right, NordVPN places a VPN over the first one. This means an excellent privacy protection. One would expect the downside of speed over multiple encryptions, but NordVPN matches the fastest servers with the users’ location to counter that. Monthly plan of USD 11.95 is at the higher end, but a three-year contract would see that fall down to an astonishing USD 2.99 per month. 5,000 servers and the same amount of IP addresses spread in 61 countries mean there is always a server nearby to offer one of the best VPNs ever.

So, what do you think? Did we miss a VPN service that should be in the list? Let us know and we will review it.

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