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The Best Machine Learning Software Tools for SaaS Development

Machine learning in SaaS is an effective way for a developer to transform big data into a tool that studies user behavior. For example, artificial intelligence can reveal new patterns and hidden bugs.

Large software developers such as Salesforce, Amazon, and Google use machine learning algorithms to create applications with an intuitive interface. SaaS tools have indeed come as a helping hand for several developers. For instance, many developers seek cloud hosting platforms like Joomla hosting, which always reduces their server management hurdles.The top software development companies help to create machine learning tools that can be helpful to all types of businesses.

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Top 5 Tools for SaaS Development in 2022

To quickly and efficiently create applications with elements of artificial intelligence, you need a set of open-source tools and APIs. The choice of a tool with a unique set of features depends on the needs of your business.

1. Pecan

Pecan is a popular platform for predictive analytics and simultaneously a multifunctional programming environment. Basically, it is a set of different tools: text, graphical editors, solutions for semantic symbol table browsing, etc.

This kind of predictive analytics software  is a must-have for solving critical business problems of teams involved in marketing and sales. With it, your company’s data engineers and analysts can work with these parts of the software development process:

  • Adding raw data;
  • Deploying off-the-shelf predictive models;
  • Data restructuring;
  • Data encoding and cleanup;
  • Data import.

With Pecan, it’s easy to collect real-time information on metrics that matter specifically to your team. In another word, it is a smart website visitor tracker. Advantages of working with Pecan:

  • AI-based, ready-to-use predictions that can be obtained in a matter of days;
  • Simple raw data drag-and-drop model building;
  • Ready-made connectors for stack management allow you to access your data in the cloud at any time.

Additionally, if you don’t have a data scientist on your team, the automation elements of the Pecan platform will take over.

Pecan does not have a single pricing plan, and the price is provided on a case-by-case basis.

2. is a specialized machine learning software for the gaming industry. It is a platform for processing and analyzing data with machine learning environments. It has an upfront infrastructure based on its own Kubernetes clustering orchestration.

What the software can help with:

  • You can automatically create machine learning pipelines with custom tools;
  • Deploy and run infrastructure stack aggregation using a single starter panel;
  • Create experiments with full provisioning of real-time machine learning elements and share them through a dynamic interface;
  • Instantly deploy models with artificial intelligence elements to your work environment.

This is a user-friendly platform for managing machine learning processes. All data is stored in a single hub, and you can use it for projects and work tasks.

To experience the platform, all users get free access for 14 days. Then, the cost is $9500 per copy, but there is a free version called CORE.

3. Neural Designer

Neural Designer is another data analysis and processing software that specializes in neural networks. It is designed to develop applications based on artificial intelligence. You do not need to write code or create block diagrams yourself.

It can be used in business fields such as energetics, healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing, and others.

For full-fledged work with data, Neural Designer software has such tools:

  • Use model outputs as a function of input data;
  • Data classification. Quickly assign data categories to predefined templates;
  • A handy tool with which you can make accurate predictions;
  • Text classification. You can assign categories to open texts.

In addition to all Neural Designer products, customers receive advice from an artificial intelligence specialist, as well as individual sessions.

Neural Designer has 5 levels of pricing. These are a free trial, a small annual license ($955), a medium annual license ($2495), a small lifetime license ($2495), and a large lifetime license ($4995).

4. Weka

Weka is a comprehensive open-source software that can be used to implement a variety of machine learning algorithms, including big data.

The goal of the Weka project is to create a full-fledged environment for developing a variety of machine learning methods and then testing them. In this way, the use of artificial intelligence elements becomes available to all researchers in machine learning or applied sciences.

The Weka software is completely Java-based. The intuitive control panel contains tools such as:

  • Pre-processing panel. It is used to quickly import data from CSV files or a database. You can use different filtering algorithms or delete objects with specified characteristics if necessary;
  • Classification panel. You can apply various classification and regression algorithms to work with big data. Their list includes data extraction, visualization of erroneous predictions, estimation of predictive power for different algorithms, etc;
  • Association panel. It is used to find important relationships for different characteristics;
  • Cluster panel. With its help, you get access to various algorithms. This includes the k-means algorithm and the EM algorithm for the mixed Gaussian data model;
  • Attribute selection panel. This is access to a variety of feature selection methods;
  • Visualization panel. Create point chart arrays and quickly scale them.

Weka provides its customers with access to a variety of tutorials for working with the software. This is the Weka tutorial, which is available in the public domain. It will give you the opportunity to quickly learn all the features of the software.

Also, all clients have access to the library of already implemented algorithms and MATLAB if they need to integrate with the Java environment. Machine learning algorithms can be used with the tools that are included in the Spider and MATLAB Arsenal packages.

The software and all updates to it are completely free.

5. Amazon Machine Learning

Amazon Machine Learning is a one-stop shop for machine learning algorithms. AWS offers developers and data scientists completely free access for 12 months to services and applications for developing, deploying, and running applications.

The Amazon Machine Learning suite of services includes:

  • Amazon Polly. This is a text-to-natural speech application, which is needed when developing speech interfaces. Up to 5 million free characters per month are available to customers;
  • Amazon Transcribe. A tool for converting natural speech to text;
  • Amazon SageMaker. An app you can use to create and deploy machine learning models;
  • Amazon Lex. A service for creating chatbot interfaces;
  • Amazon Recognition. A service for automated image and video analysis.

These and other tools increase productivity when working with machine learning algorithms. You can also follow some tech influencers, which you can find out on the Ainfluencer marketplace, to find out learning software tools.


Applications and services for SaaS development based on machine learning algorithms save you time and increase productivity when working with big data. Software developers such as Salesforce, Amazon, and Microsoft offer products for industries ranging from eCommerce marketing and sales to industrial applications. Learn also on website visitor trackers to know how also you learn and engage with the users.


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