The Best LG Sound Bars (Tested & Reviewed by Experts in 2023)

The Best LG Sound Bars (Tested & Reviewed by Experts in 2023)


Have you even set down to watch a movie or dramas and felt like the sound was don’t doing justice? If the answer is yes, the best LG sound bar might be the solution you are looking for. A stellar sound experience can change the whole feel of your entertainment room.

Best LG Soundbars: Reviews and Recommendations:

So you have purchased the LG C1 Smart TV (one of our favorite OLED TVs), selected where to put it, and purchased some ultra-high-speed HDMI cables. All you need now is the ideal soundbar, so here are our recommendations:

  • Best compact: LG Eclair QP5
  • Best with surround sound: LG SP11RA
  • Best for LG TVs: LG GX
  • Best budget: LG SP2
  • Best overall: LG SP9YA

How we Select the Best LG Sound Bar:

Comparing numerous sound bars from the same manufacturer is a reasonable method to approach these product comparisons. In many situations, lower-priced versions share designs and even some technologies with higher-priced variants. Knowing that the sound bars we examine are built on the same base makes it easy to compare them.

In making our selections for this comparison, we first looked at power ratings and speaker arrangements, which provided us with a baseline for each model. Then, we took into account the various sound-shaping tools and third-party enhancements, such as Dolby Atmos, that have an influence on both sound quality and user experience.

Because voice assistants are becoming an important component of many families, we included them in our analysis.

Factors to Consider Purchasing LG Sound Bars:

Before you make the decision to invest in an LG Sound bar, it’s crucial to evaluate several key factors:

Speaker Configuration: The number of speakers within your surround sound system has a direct impact on both sound quality and cost. Generally, the more speakers, the better the performance, but also the higher the price. It’s important to understand the numbers: The first number indicates the traditional loudspeakers in the system, while the second signifies the presence and quantity of a subwoofer responsible for low frequencies. If there’s a third number, such as 5.1.2, it accounts for the upward-firing speakers designed to bounce sound off the ceiling and towards the listeners.

Onboard Processing: Manufacturers have made significant advancements in tone- shaping tools compared to the traditional high, mid, and low adjustments and graphic EQs. Modern sound bars incorporate psychoacoustic adjustments and AI-assisted calibration. It’s essential to delve into these features before making your purchase.

Command and Control Functions: With the increasing prevalence of voice-activated devices, some sound bars now offer the capability to pair with a voice assistant for controlling specific system functions. Others provide remote pairing options, reducing the number of remote controls you need to manage—an added convenience.


Q: Which LG soundbar would be the greatest fit for me?

A: We tend to recommend soundbars with the best features and sound quality, although your tastes may differ. Some people may be ready to sacrifice some features in exchange for a reduced price. While we cannot decide your selection, we have offered a good beginning point for your quest. Good luck with your hunt!

Q: Do LG soundbars perform better when used in conjunction with LG televisions?

A: In some circumstances, yes. When connected to an LG television with an inbuilt CPU, several LG soundbar models feature functionalities that are optimized.

Q: Which soundbar has the best audio quality?

A: Sound quality is subjective and largely relies on personal tastes. Having a sufficient number of speakers, on the other hand, typically improves sound quality and can bring considerable sonic benefits.

Q: What is the distinction between a 2.1 and 5.1 soundbar?

A: The first number reflects the number of speakers, and the second the number of subwoofers. As a result, a 2.1 system includes left and right speakers as well as a subwoofer, whereas a 5.1 system has five speakers and one subwoofer.

Final Thoughts on the Top LG Soundbars:

The LG SP9YA stands out as the best all-around LG soundbar choice for most users, thanks to its well-rounded feature set and Dolby Atmos compatibility. For those seeking true physical surround sound, the LG SP11RA takes the lead with two included rear speakers and an impressive power output of 770 watts. If space is limited, the LG EclairQP5 emerges as the best compact LG soundbar for the job, while the LG GX is the ideal choice for those in need of a slim yet substantial soundbar that complements a large LG OLED TV. Shoppers on a budget will find the LG SP2 to be an attractive option, offering a significant boost in a television’s baseline volume at an appealing price point.

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