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The best laser wood cutting machine

Laser cutting is an advanced technology that uses a laser and results in the material cut. The working of laser cutting depends on the directing laser through optics. The first application of laser cutting was done in 1965 when the holes in the diamond die were done. machines at that time are usually used in the textile industry Laser cutting has less risk of contamination in the workpiece as compared to the mechanical type of cutting. Laser cutting is usually the thermal process in which the laser beam throws in a localized surface. It leaves the material with a fine cutting edge. 

Power consumption of laser cutting machine

High power consumption is one of the main disadvantages of laser cutting machines. The efficiency of the machine depends on the amount of output power provides. Heat input is also called the laser power output.


Pulsed lasers are very efficient and the most used type of laser cutting machine. It has a high burst power which is used to cut metals at edges and is also involved in piercing (in which the metals are not cut from the edge).  

Types of Laser cutting

There are three main types of laser cutting

  1. Fusion cutting (nitrogen gas is used to cut or molt the material)
  2. Flame cutting (oxygen is used to cut or molt the material)
  3. A remote cutting (no gas is used, the material is vaporized) get more.

Methods use in Laser cutting

  • Vaporization cutting

In this process, the beam flashed to a particular point of the material and it makes a hole in it. As the temperature of the beam is very high it vaporized the atom and the hole becomes deeper, it erodes the molten material. Wood, plastics are usually cut by this method

  • Thermal stress cracking

Some materials, are brittle and very sensitive towards temperature. When the beam focused to the particular point of material it cracks the material quickly. Glass usually cut by this method.

  • Reactive cutting

It is also called flame cutting method. It uses oxygen torch to cut the metal. Thick steel plates can be cut by this method

  • Fusion cutting

Fusion cutting is also called melt and blow. This method decreases the power consumption of laser machine in this method the material first melt and then the gas allowed to blows. Metals can be cut by this method.

Nova Laser Cutting Machine

Nova type laser machines are with fewer errors and with appropriate functioning. 

Type of laser DCCO2

The power of laser is lie between 40W to 130W

Features of Nova laser machines

  • Hybrid motors

This type of laser machines uses hybrid servo motors that work with low noise and high speed. The closed loop of the motor provides the fast acceleration of machine, which increases the speed and efficiency of the laser cutting machine.

  • Laser tube

The tube of laser machine must be the appropriate in quality and functioning. The thunder laser machines will tests the engraving quality and the tubes with low quality and beam will rule out. 

  • Air assisting 

Two modes of air assist are used, Cut and engrave.

As there as we discussed, there is many types of laser cutting. And modern l technology is use. It use in many industries.

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