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The Best IT Consulting Firms Comparison: How to Select Your Strategic Partner?

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The global IT consulting market is projected to grow at a rate of more than 10% annually for the next five to ten years. This forecast calls for successful development and launch of software projects more than ever. Such a task can be dubious for organizations when met with the dilemma whether to focus more on strategic activities or on development tasks. Both – interconnected, and both require dedication and specific know-how. In this case, it is a win-win situation if you focus on your domain of expertise – your business and leave the development to reliable IT consulting firm.  These organizations are to become strategic partners offering access to extensive technology expertise that efficiently connect business requirements and tech solutions.                                   

When selecting an IT Consulting partner, there are a few factors that you should consider: 

1) Geographical location 

 Even in an era of globalization in which digital capabilities know no borders, the location of your IT consulting firm can be a key factor in your business success. Organizations that are local to your business can also contribute with expertise on the regional economies, will be in your time zone and as such – highly accessible when you need them, and will be able to deliver even more customized solutions due to their local acumen. On the other hand, an international IT consulting firm can offer a global perspective that can help with launching your product or services in different markets across your borders. Thus, when selecting an IT consulting partner, do consider factors such as time zone differences, language specifics and logistics. 

2) Size 

This is a factor you should not consider less essential. IT consultancies of different size can bring on board different sets of benefits. Thus, larger ones can offer extensive resources and an international viewpoint, making them perfect partners for more mature global companies. Smaller IT consulting firms can compete with out-of-the-box custom solutions, quite fitting for smaller just launching companies. 

3) Cost of services 

This is always one of the first considerations that organizations put on the table. The best IT consulting firms realize that and in a competitive market aim to deliver appealing offers that might address this point. However, higher price does not guarantee higher quality, and the opposite is quite true. Always try to aim for the middle ground where your IT consultancy speaks of value to be delivered and the cost for that is rooted in the trust you both build, becoming a secondary factor.

4) Experience working with Similar Businesses

This should be number one priority. IT consulting firms that have worked with companies with similar needs, market share, size, specific challenges and opportunities in your industry, can bring on board domain knowledge that results in custom solutions and more effective strategies for development and launch.

5) Technology Expertise

Your IT Consulting partner’s capability to deliver solutions in areas such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and cybersecurity can be key. But sometimes these might not be enough. This is a checkpoint in which you need to consider what your business needs in terms of technology know-how and whether this partner can deliver it. 

If you are in a position within your company from which you can advocate the selection of an IT consulting firm, do consider these factors and aim for a partnership which aligns with your company’s strategic goals and operational requirements. 

Comparing Prominent IT Consulting Firms 

In this section, the article will look at prominent Eastern European IT companies. The region is well-known for high-quality technology consulting and software development services and the technological proficiency of local IT talent. Of course, there are several other regions you can consider, and this article briefly outlines a few other strategic directions to keep in mind when working with an IT consulting firm. 

Global organizations 

Each of the named IT consultancies can bring distinct strengths – industry-specific expertise, global reach, innovative approach, dedicated manager, niche know-how. They deliver diverse solutions that can address a myriad of organizational needs while including innovative IT strategies and efficient project execution. 

A few of these which you have probably heard of are Accenture, Capgemini, Cognizant, and Deloitte. They all provide access to a broad spectrum of experienced tech talent. Their portfolio also covers as diverse industries as finance, automotive, healthcare and public sector. The technology domains in which they excel are AI, cloud computing and blockchain leadership. You can expect comprehensive IT services expertise and business advisory that can transform your organization from them, but at the same time you also need to factor in the premium pay and the services offerings that are matched to equally large organizations. 

Indian companies

Indian companies, though also distinct in their own qualities, have some features that can be addressed here. Infosys, Wipro and TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), for example, are known for their large IT talent pool and competitive pricing. The technology domains in which they are proficient quite often are web development, cloud consulting, data analytics and network management solutions. However, the cons here are their cultural differences and limitations in service offerings. Factors that you should consider when looking at this region. 

Eastern European companies

IT consulting firms from this region offer strategic focus, industry specialization, technology expertise and more. But the most key factor that can decide your dilemma to work with a company from this region is their unmatched flexibility in service offerings, collaboration and project management. This article offers a list of a few top featured IT consulting firms, listed by Clutch


This service provider from Ukraine has an unmatched expertise in cost-effective tech staffing and project outsourcing. Their technical focus is on fintech and AI-driven projects. 


Accedia, a leading IT consulting firm based in Sofia, Bulgaria, is recognizable for it dedication to sustainable operations and carbon-neutral IT services. In its portfolio are various industries such as banking & finance, manufacturing and media, energy. Its goal is to be the technology partner of choice for SMEs and large organizations in the service domains of software engineering and consultancy. Its high Clutch review score shows the satisfaction of its clients. 


Based in the Czech Republic, this company offers both cost-effectiveness and diverse talent. Its strategy for the future is on expansion in the domains of mobile app development, UI/UX and digital marketing. 


This is an Ukrainian company, that explores new niches and serves industries such as gaming, logistics, and health tech. It is committed to creative tech solutions and quickly adapts to new trends. 

Future Processing

A Polish company that provides IT consulting and custom software development services. It is still committed to deliver client-centric solutions and technological innovation. 


Once again, a provider based in Poland, that has a technological leadership in AI and cloud computing. They prioritize integrating cutting-edge solutions following the latest technology trends in their expansive client portfolio. 


Last, but not least on this list is another Polish IT consulting firm, that has found a perfect balance between operational costs and access to skilled IT talent. Its strategy for the future is to expand its client portfolio in industries such as e-commerce, fintech, or healthcare. 


The phrase “all things considered equal” is not valid when making the decision to partner with an IT consulting firm. You would need to analyze even in further depth the global, Indian and Eastern European IT consulting companies and the breath of services pros and cons they have.  

If there is one thing that you can take away from this article it is the importance of aligning your organization’s specific business requirements and priorities with the IT consulting firm’s technology capabilities. Here on out, company size, cost, previous industry experience, focus on sustainability and technology expertise play a crucial role in your final decision. You need not just a fit, but one that can exceed your expectations. The ideal IT consulting partner will aim to involve strategic acumen to connect business and technology solutions to bring business growth.

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