The Best IELTS Tips: Ultimate Guide

IELTS tips

In this article, you’ll be enlightened and help you realize more on why you should take the exam and tips for preparing before, during, and after the IELTS exam. With AmazingTalker, you can connect with qualified online English tutors who will teach you IELTS from all over the world.

Know more about IELTS..

In 1989, the IELTS or also known as International English Language Test System was introduced and became standardized which leads to one of the most trusted types of English assessment globally.

Fortunately, the scores you acquired will be valid for two years. In addition,  there are two different categories of test types: Academic IELTS, most likely for students who dream to study in UK universities or in any higher education abroad; General IELTS, this is more recommended for people who want to migrate to an English speaking country and will basically use the language for practical life purposes like social, work and other professions. Besides english is mandatory for IELTS you can also learn new languages for a better future.

Tips before taking IELTS exam

  • Choose whether to take Academic or General training

As mentioned above in this article, academic tests are normally taken by students who wish to study abroad while general tests are basically for professionals in work-related fields. However, it is a huge help to have trained with your chosen test type in order for you to have a hint and background before taking the exam.

  • Study the test format for each test tool

As mentioned previously in this article, the test tools are: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking wherein each test tools have different criteria given with different durations.

The table shown below is the necessary basic information for each test tool:


Listening 30 mins
Reading 40 mins
Speaking 11-14 mins
Writing 60 mins


  • Make an English Immersion Environment in your comfort zone

Studying while exposed to an English environment will boost up the learning process. There are simple ways to practice and use the English language.

Enroll in an English course

This is one of the most common ways to prepare for the exam. There are several courses online nowadays wherein students may enroll based on their schedule and budget. 

Practice test trials online

Some online courses offer free test trials for you to practice. In addition, this type of exam is known as Mock Test wherein it sometimes looks completely the same as the real IELTS exam.

  • Check your progress

After taking mock tests or practicing trial tests, you can check the progress if you’re now familiarized with the overview of the test format and also the test types. 

Register and be prepared for the exam

Every year there are more than hundreds of thousands of test-takers who failed the IELTS exam due to not being completely prepared before taking the exam. In fact, there are several simple ways to use in order to be ready for the said exam. After registering and waiting for the scheduled official exam, one of the best tips is to stay calm and be positive.

  • Get enough sleep at least one day before the exam

Getting the right amount of sleep will not just feel calming the next day but also help our brain to function well. 

Tips during the day of the exam.

  • Eat enough amount of food

Empty stomach = empty mind. Eat enough food before taking the exam.

  • Ready the necessary materials

Whether you book a physical or online IELTS exam, you still need to prepare the necessary materials such as a pen, pencil with eraser for the on-site while having a good stable internet connection and reliable device for the online.

  • Don’t be late

It is always better to arrive 10-15mins before the exam in order to prevent cramming. 

  • Review one last time

By reviewing before the exam starts you will be able to recall everything you studied during the preparation process and will also ease mental blocks during the exam.

Tips after the exam

Since you’re done with the exam, learn to take a break as well, look for ways to relieve the stress and your tension. Just remember if you are truly prepared there is nothing to worry about.

Get prepared before taking IELTS. Besides English, AmazingTalker features a wide choice of languages from which students can pick, including native online Japanese tutors, online Korean tutors, online French tutors, and online Spanish tutors, as well as English classes near me.

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