The Best eCommerce Marketing Tips to Expand Your Business


Simply put, eCommerce marketing indicates any promotional initiatives to generate traffic to the online store and drive sales. It comprises of attaining customers who didn’t purchase anything from your store before. It also includes the ones who have had an earlier buy.

Even though the final destination for the consumers is an online shop, the process of eCommerce marketing will occur either online or offline. If there is no ecommerce marketing strategy, the online retailers can’t expand a brand to a successful eCommerce business.

The tips for strong eCommerce marketing

Now that you know what eCommerce marketing is, lets count on a few tricks and tips to enable you to enhance it.

  1. Make the most of real-time personalization

Gone are the days of “spray and pray” marketing. The new-age consumers demand a customized shopping experience targeted at their needs. For instance, if you sell straw cowboy hats online, the more significant offers you promote, the more chances of purchase. Close to 74% of the online customers get upset with websites with content not relevant to their interest. You can use consumers’ interests, browsing history, and preferences to send them customized marketing messages. That way, you can ensure that they get correctly targeted to generate a response.

  1. Resort to discount sales

There are several ways to operate discount pricing in the eCommerce store. Several brands opt-in for seasonal sales, but there is ample scope to discount by the volume. There is also an option for buy one and get one free or offer basic promotional discounts such as 60% of everything. Regardless, the processes that you implement, it can develop a sense of urgency. One needs to leverage scarcity psychology. The countdown clocks highlighting a restricted time left in the sale is a smart way to get this done. Ensure to prominently showcase the discounts you are providing so that the consumers don’t have a doubt about the deals they are getting.

  1. Your website should be mobile friendly

Research and statistics show that mobile has superseded the desktop globally, with close to 55% of the market share compared to 43%. Hence, a mobile-optimized, responsive website is a crucial requirement. If you want to maximize the conversations of an online store, it depends on offering a high-end mobile experience. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Make the site responsive
  • Ensure that site gets loaded fast
  • Make use of big clear buttons
  • Make the checkout process easy

Last but not least, you can add a live chat! It’s because the live chat offers a path for the consumers to enquire queries and express the issues before arriving at buying decisions. It’s a scope for the agents to share knowledge base articles and product data to enable the consumers make informed decisions. It can smoothen out the uncertainties and maximize the conversion rate, enhancing the shopping experience for the consumers. Finally, the live chat can be used strategically to target the website visitors on specific pages or when they have stayed on the page for a specific time, enhancing consumer engagement.


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