The Best Cyber Security Tools of 2021

With society’s increasing reliance on technology, it is more vital than ever that we keep our devices safe. More and more of our lives are stored online, and more and more of our businesses, too. The con to the pro of the almost limitless data storage is that it can be accessed from outside sources.

However, there are tools available to prevent access. Read on to find out what we think are 2021’s best cyber security tools.


Intruder offers a one-stop solution for control of your cybersecurity. It is the most popular tool this year for cyber-security as its cloud-based network vulnerability scanner is the most time-saving solution. It finds weaknesses in your most exposed systems by scanning your programs with unlimited scans on command, avoiding data breaches.

You control who has access to the system with unlimited user accounts and they will all know what they’re looking at with Intruder’s intuitive and bold graphics. Over 10,000 security checks are made on servers, cloud storage systems, websites, and endpoint devices. The system uses PCI and ASV scans to make sure that any emerging threats, like encryption weaknesses, misconfigurations, missing patches, and application bugs, are found and flagged up in notifications.

It will also offer intelligence to results, so that you are not spending all your time analyzing results in order to come up with a solution.

Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 offers a range of online security tools, but their most impressive is their Software-Defined Perimeter tool. It is a far more advanced VPN, with the same basic function of protecting users while online with end-to-end encryption, even on public wi-fi but their SDP ensures secure global access while offering the opportunity to integrate with every network.

It encloses a company’s IT assets within a closed network of firewalls, with unauthorized users rejected from accessing. Both local and cloud resources are protected from outsiders with the software foundation of the product as well as offering the company control of access.

Perimeter 81 was named a ZTNA Leader in 2021 by The Forrester New Wave: Zero Trust Network Access report, receiving the highest scores in the strategy category. They also offer cloud VPNs, remote work security solutions and full network visibility.


For the web developer out there, or businesses who rely on a website, the best option is Acunetix. Acunetix offers a solution to keeping your websites, web applications, and API’s safe with their security testing application. It can find over 7,000 vulnerabilities by scanning every web page, app, and complex application.

Developers will appreciate its built-in vulnerability management function, which shows itself in controls on deploying fixes. Its simple graphics display high, medium, and low vulnerabilities and how they have either increased or decreased over time.

There is also a built-in preventative measure in the Acunetix software, in which fast or deep scans can be scheduled according to the needs of the user. This allows the user to catch any issues before they make a mess. 

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