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The Best Custom URL Shorteners In 2022

Best Custom URL Shorteners

Using URL shorteners is very advantageous when you want to share links. You can create custom branded links, track their performance, and take full advantage of the character limits present on several social media platforms, with Twitter being the biggest one with its limit of 280 characters. A short link is definitely tidier and can help you in several different ways. But, which one is the the best? Those below are exactly what you should consider using.

T2M URL Shortener

The T2M URL shortener allows you to customize the short links you create with the use of a branded domain. Then, you can tag them based on the campaign you run and even generate dynamic printable QR codes that could be utilized in the future.

With T2M you also have access to several enterprise-level features. This includes bulk link creation, CSV import, and password protection. Also, you can set up a 404 redirect URL that would be displayed every single time a visitor uses a short link that was deleted or that expired.

Get the basic T2M Plan with a one time fee of $5 for verification, the Standard T2M Plan for $9.99 per month and the Premium T2M Plan for $89.99 per month.


With Bitly you do not have to worry about generic links since you can create the branding links the business needs. This in itself is highly advantageous for businesses since it can increase clicks by up to 30%.

What is interesting about Bitly is that you do not need an account to create your links. This is perfect for occasional users. And, if you are a business user, Bitly has some of the best features in the industry, including 20 data points for your links updated in a real-time setting. You will always know how your links perform.

The basic Bitly plan is $35 and supports a maximum of 1,500 branded links created per month. If you need more, the Premium Bitly plan lets you brand up to 3,000 new links every month for $300.


Shorby is a custom URL shortener designed for Instagram and YouTube users. It creates one short URL profile where you can show different things at the same time and give visitors more information than through a simple link. The Short URL you create can stay in the Instagram bio and you do not have to change it anymore as you would update the content of that link.

With Shorby you can also get some advanced features, like adding CTA boxes for several communication channels  and you can use Blocks to highlight your dynamic content.

Get Shorby for $15 per month for up to 5 smart pages. If you need more, the Pro Plan lets you create up to 50 smart pages for $29 per month.


Sniply is a very interesting shortener that is created to encourage the audience to take some sort of action. A CTA can be added over every single shared link. That is why several marketers use it these days as they try to get more purchases, contacts, and signups.

Sniply lets you build image, text, and form CTAs. As the user clicks the URL, the CTAs can be displayed. Then, you use the tracking and analytics tools to see what works.

Get the Sniply Basic Plan with support for a maximum of 5,000 clicks and 2 brand profiles per month for $29. The Pro Plan allows a maximum of 20,000 clicks and 6 brand profiles are supported.

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