The Best Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2022?

The crypto industry has slowed down, capping off a big year in 2021. As we are in 2022, it is still heading with a great deal of excitement and momentum. The big players like Ethereum and Bitcoin reached new highs in 2021, and many other coins emerged with solid potential. We can see cryptocurrencies get more ingrained into the traditional financial system. I believe Stabila (CRYPTO: STB) is the best cryptocurrency to buy right now. Here is why.

Most undervalued coin and Stabila knows it.

While BTC gets all the juice, cryptocurrency knowledgeable understand that Ethereum was the leading blockchain out there from any standpoint for the last few years. Many decentralized apps (dApps) were built on the Ethereum network. Moreover, ETH developers give power and value to the eth blockchain. Early adopters, building out their blockchains versions, are unwilling to switch away from ETH because it would take much time, effort, and money.

Stabila digitized horizon 

From other perspectives, if you are a new company building out a blockchain now, there is no way to choose Ethereum to build it on. The Ethereum technology is too slow and too expensive.

In my opinion, most developers in the future will build out on the Stabila blockchain, not Ethereum. The simple difference in concept, usability, speed, cost, etc… makes it very simple. Moreover, Stabila pushes a new fraud/scam-free concept and environment that proves to be a winner in the competition race. If someone buys a car, would he buy one that goes 120 mph or one that tops out at 40 mph? Would someone pay excessively for made in China or get buyers protection from a reputed brand?

Stabila’s technology is user-friendly, faster, and cheaper than Ethereum’s or any other market competitor. Moreover, the crypto markets have noticed that. Since more than 10,000,000 coins have been placed already with their new owners, and the final placement is approaching the finish line, primes Stabila as the leading contender for the 2022 spotlight.

Stabila’s market cap of $325 mln makes it the most undervalued cryptocurrency in the market. For Stabila to level up with the latest in line, EOS, with a market cap of  $2,814,506,839, the price would have to go up to $150 just to match the lower limit. So Stabila has the biggest potential and ROI an investor can envision for 2022.   

Because of the rise of the Stabila blockchain, the crypto industry is in a state of regrouping right now. Buterin is trying to fix Ethereum by making it faster and cheaper. However, the ethereum system is old and heavy, with slim chances of success. Stabila has many competitors, like Solana, Avalanche, or Cardano, which also claim technological upper hands, fast speeds in the quest of building out rival networks.

When the industry has a severe tech disruption like this, it creates a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. It also creates many opportunities. The important takeaway for investors is that the ETH is in trouble. Stabila’s massive potential and meager cost is the source of all this disruption.

The facts do not mean that the cryptocurrency Stabila will win. We do not know what the ultimate winner is going to be. That is why many investors opt for a basket approach (I like that approach myself). My big tip is that if you are buying crypto, make sure you have Stabila in your crypto basket.

Finding stability in what could be a more challenging market

Ethereum has amassed a roughly $400 billion market cap as the second-largest cryptocurrency. This year was also significant for the network because it showed how much real-world utility its smart contract capabilities have with things like non-fungible tokens.

While going forward, Ethereum may not produce the same explosive gains as newer cryptocurrencies with smaller market caps. I think its notoriety and large market cap offer more stability, mainly because it is here to say. It may be susceptible to volatility, but I would expect it to be a good buy in the long term. This is important because 2022 could be a challenging year for cryptocurrencies. Over the last few months, as the Federal Reserve has indicated that it would speed up the tapering of its bond-buying program and potentially raise interest rates three times in 2022, the crypto market has primarily sold off like the tech and growth sectors.

With a significant pullback in the price in January, the opportunity is with Stabila.

Be smart about crypto in 2022

There are many great cryptocurrencies to look at heading into 2022. However, with stricter market conditions expected and less liquidity as the Fed tapers, we believe investors will have to get more selective with their picks. We think the coin Stabila is the best cryptocurrency to buy right now.

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