The best crypto marketing agencies to select from in 2023

crypto marketing agencies

Crypto marketing services have become a crucial part of the success of any cryptocurrency business. These projects, like other projects, need a marketing plan to stand out from the crowd.

For a successful promotion among investors and clients, considerable exposure is needed. It can be tricky and even intimidating as it requires more tactics than creating ads and publishing articles on popular websites. So, it is the right moment for marketing agencies to join and help with boosting publicity. The importance of partnerships with crypto agencies is far-reaching. They offer services as well as tools that turn brands into household names. In addition, they let you devote your time to other tasks.

What is crypto marketing, and what do agencies have to offer?

In addition to catering to the needs of crypto platforms, agencies tend to offer a comprehensive set of tools designed to enhance the value and expand the reach of businesses in the quickly evolving sphere. Many of the same marketing solutions are utilized in other segments. Among them are social media marketing, content making, influencer engagement, and public relation distribution, which are also applied in the crypto sphere.

The extensive skills that agencies have about the segment’s peculiarities are where cryptocurrency marketing varies. Among them are helping firms to follow current laws, market management, and growing a loyal community around the project.

Supplying with valuable data and content, bringing new users and opinion leaders to a project, and developing a solid network of brand supporters generate transparency and get the world to take notice of a business.

In addition, marketing companies should be involved in different spheres like NFTs, Web3, decentralized autonomous organizations, smart contracts, and other things that are tight to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Let’s dig in and see the most prominent crypto agencies that you should definitely be aware of.

TOP 5 agencies in the crypto space


One of the biggest crypto agencies that drive all aspects of marketing strategies by setting up disruptive techniques and solutions, taking the goals and peculiarities of a crypto product into consideration.

ICODA have a well-refined go-to-market strategy required to make your business heard in different parts of the world. This company can offer a variety of services, among them are:

  • Partner with influencers and crypto bloggers on a vast range of social media channels;
  • Run robust SMM and PR campaigns. It is of significant importance when creating brand awareness and bringing in new customers;
  • Build a strong community on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord, as they are the most popular platforms for promoting crypto;
  • Publish crypto projects on popular listings, catalogs, and other ratings;
  • Ads on Google, Yandex, and Facebook. Digital advertising is a great tool today to pour your resources into finding investors and bringing a target audience to a website from reputable sources;
  • Fundraising.


X10 is another full-service and well-known marketing and PR agency. They were initially a crypto marketing agency, but they recently started delivering turnkey solutions for Web3, cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, non-fungible tokens, ICO/IEO, and STO.

They offer worldwide promotion of startups and organizations through these services:

  • Media PR to publish on the most popular media outlets. Press releases are created and edited by professional experts;
  • Influencer marketing is provided via community building and supporting customers on social media channels;
  • Listing on the most popular ratings.


Based in NY, NinjaPromo among the leading digital marketing agencies focused on the promotion of brands via multi-channel marketing tools like SMM and community management. It provides disruptive marketing for B2B, blockchain, financial technologies, software, and startups.

It provides outstanding content production, paid social advertising, influencer marketing, media, and public relations.


Based in the UK, it is Web3 and digital transformation company. Launched in 2021, it has gained a reputation in the fintech sphere.

CryptoPR services include a three-in-one package consisting of SEO, advertising, and media outreach with a manager who is totally involved in the process.

In addition, the organization provides the following:

  • Publishing press releases on popular websites;
  • Organizing interviews;
  • Outreach to journalists, news portals, and other media contacts to publish on listings;
  • Networking with experts in link building, copywriting, and internet marketing to make a project soar within the crypto sphere.


And last but not least, this company is concentrated on promotion across the digital sphere. Coinbound leverages social media management, search engine optimization, influencer marketing, and brand promotion.

This organization has been in the crypto niche for some years now and has a strong relationship with a vast range of opinion leaders and publishers.

It boasts of a highly regarded reputation for reaching excellent ROI results.

​​Final thoughts about crypto marketing

Summing it up, it is essential to notice that marketing is crucial both for crypto businesses and other kinds of companies out there.

We have revised the cream of the crop of crypto marketing. These organizations can produce a terrific output for your business and its success.

So, no time for waiting. Select a company from the list that suits your needs, and make your business voice heard.

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