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Coding Apps

There are many reasons and benefits of enrolling your kid in coding courses at an early age. Probably what stands out is that coding is among the most sought-after skills of the future. With all industries embracing tech-advancements, the demand for programming experts will increase. Unlike before, kids can learn coding currently with ease. From coding courses from the coder school that can be integrated into your kids’ education to games and coding apps, you can leverage various learning channels. This guide outlines some of the best coding apps that introduce your young one to coding.


This is a profit-free coding platform that kids of various ages and skill levels can learn or enhance their programming skills. Being a non-profit platform, the main goal of is to provide all interested students with an opportunity to master programming. The app features various game-like interactive lessons in multiple languages.

The platform has lessons on various topics, from web creation to game development. It also suits enthusiastic coders of different levels. That aside, the platform has an App Lab, which enables learning kids to share their projects with others in the community. The tool highly resembles Scratch, as it uses the simple drag-and-drop design and brick-based system. This makes it easy for learners to design programs, and more.

Students can code in JavaScript and other beginner-friendly programming languages within seconds. For instance, with JavaScript, kids can code using texts or blocks depending on their programming skill level and preference. What makes this app unique is the ability to switch from text-mode to drag-and-drop mode. This makes it easier to create line codes.

2) CodaKid

Like, CodaKid is an app and online-based coding school that kids can learn to program using professional coding tools and languages. The platform achieves this by training kids to code drones, develop video games, Minecraft mods, and build functional apps.

With a library of projects totaling more than 500 hours, kids can learn to develop mobile games from scratch, such as game programming 1 and 2 with JavaScript, self-paced. The platform also has live support of friendly and experienced programmers who enjoy working with kids. The app also has Unity 3D courses, web development with CSS/HTML lessons, and python programming lessons for kids.

These courses are designed to help kids learn to code while comprehending basic programming concepts, such as loops, methods, and conditionals. With wide learning scope, your kid will access limitless opportunities after gaining sufficient skills. They can venture into creating animations, develop games, and more programming opportunities.

3) BitsBox

Unlike most coding apps, BitsBox is a subscription app that provides monthly coding units for learning kids. The app makes coding fun while delivering valuable education to your kids. It provides insights about app functionality and helps them develop apps that function in real devices. Education on these projects centers around imitation, repetition, and free play.

Once you have subscribed, the app allows you to access themed monthly packages. These include illustration books, play accessories, and toys. Your kid can then choose any project that they consider interesting to complete. Generally, it is a fun and beneficial platform that kids can master coding within a short time.

4) CodeCombat

CodeCombat is a good option for older kids, as it provides advanced programming structures and syntaxes. The app is very easy to use. It has a game-like interface where users have to create an account and sign in. It has an easy learning curve, especially for kids with some little programming knowledge. Completing game-play, which are coding processes, can be challenging for beginners at first. However, the levels are designed in a way that learners get hints of the next challenges.

Like normal games, missions increase in difficulty as levels increase. Therefore, players are encouraged to try new concepts that improve their coding skills. Fortunately, if they get stuck, they can ask for help from the ever-ready CodeCombat community. However, it has a no-code policy that prevents others from writing codes for other players. This is great as kids won’t cheat their way through the game.

5) Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a popular website and app where kids can learn several concepts, from chemistry, biology, history, arts, to programming and computer science. With more than 3000 easily accessible educational videos, the app is a great tool for kids looking to gain or expand their coding knowledge.

It suits middle-aged teens looking to expand their coding skills. The platform offers self-paced lessons on SQL, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript. This educates kids on how to create animations, graphics, and intuitive visualizations.

Bottom Line

While the apps mentioned above are great in introducing your kids to coding, they are not the only options available. Regardless of your app of choice, teaching your kids to code not only helps develop their skills in programming, professional life, and personal life.

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