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The Best Barbershop PoS System and Software – Yottled

In this article, we have covered one of the hidden treasures of the barbershop industry- Yottled. With Yottled, you can accept payments for your barbershop in any way you want: Online, credit cards, debit cards, cash, check, Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or through the physical point-of-sale machine. Yottled’s PoS system for barber shops is easy to use and highly efficient.

Yottled’s FREE PoS system for barbershops comes in 3 main parts.

1) Physical PoS device: A mobile-sized wireless machine to accept payments by tapping the card. 

2) PoS software: Tracks all payments, unpaid/paid orders, store credits, customer information, and payment history, and also stores credit card/debit card on file. 

3) Virtual PoS: To accept money online, at the time of booking and appointment.

Top Features of Yottled’s Barbershop PoS System

1. Virtual PoS

Accept payments online at the time of appointment booking. Payment facility can be integrated into your website or your Yottled business page in seconds without any coding or technical requirement. Store credit/debit card on file for quick payments. Take the partial deposit at the time of appointment booking, or take the full bill amount upfront- no matter what your pricing policy is, Yottled got you covered. 

how to take advanced deposit for barbershops

2. Point of Sale Device

Want to take payment on your barbershop premises? Get a sleek PoS device for your barbershop with the latest NFC technology. It is a wireless, lightweight, wifi-enabled, and user-friendly terminal to accept payment at your barber shop. Own it with a refundable deposit. Yottled’s barbershop PoS software and CRM seamlessly integrate with the PoS device, so you don’t have to juggle multiple PoS systems.

yottled free pos

3. All Other Types of Payment

Accept payment through cash, card, bank check, Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and any other way customers want to pay. Yottled’s PoS system for barber shops effortlessly merges with the CRM, appointment booking, and payments so that you can track all the paid and unpaid transactions instantly. 

4. Eliminate Payment Processing Fees

Yottled is the best PoS system for barbershops because it gives you a unique option to transfer payment processing fees to your customers. Your customers will see a mild increase in their final bill but you will save approx. $1,500 to $12,000 per year instantly. It’s a legal and the safest way to increase your profit by 3% rapidly. Reinvest this extra money in your business or take an extra vacation like one of our clients Glenda Gerena did –Check out her savings story!

5. Gift Card And Store Credit Redemption 

Create, sell, and redeem gift cards for your barbershops. You can also issue a refund store credit and accept it as a payment method for the next appointment. Moreover, easily generate promo codes and coupons for special occasions, and festivals with Yottled to boost sales. 

Sign up without credit cards or contracts! It’s super easy and efficient. That’s why 7,000+ businesses trust Yottled.


The system also offers features like gift card creation, store credit redemption, and the ability to generate promo codes and coupons. Signing up with Yottled is hassle-free, as no credit cards or contracts are required. With over 7,000 businesses trusting Yottled, it is a reliable choice for barbershops.

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