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The Best and Worst Ways to Have A Couples Movie Night

Having a movie night can be a great thing for couples.

If you’re in a relationship and you have never done this, you might want to consider it. It’s a great way to spend time together and get to know each other better. We’re not saying that you need to go out and rent the entire collection of Pixar movies and watch them all in one sitting (although if you do, we won’t judge), but even just renting one or two movies can be a fun way to spend some quality time with your partner.

Here are some tips for making sure your movie night goes well:

-Pick something that both of you will enjoy. If one person is more into action films while another loves horror movies, this could lead to problems later on down the road when someone wants to watch something different than what their partner wants! Instead, try picking something that everyone likes so there won’t be any arguments about what movie gets picked first or second or third… etcetera.

-Make sure everyone has snacks! Nothing’s worse than being halfway through an action film only for someone else in the house suddenly realizing they’re hungry and no longer interested in watching the rest of it? We are gonna tell you exactly what to do!

Don’t Choose a Bad Action Movie

When you’re trying to pick a movie for your next couples movie night, there are a lot of things to consider. You want to make sure that whatever you choose will be something you both enjoy and can talk about afterward. There are also some specific things to look out for when choosing an action movie.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from playing video games, it’s this: there’s no such thing as a good video game that doesn’t end with explosions, blood, and death. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching movies, it’s this: there’s no such thing as a good movie that doesn’t end with explosions, blood, and death.

So when you’re picking out an action movie for couples movie night, keep in mind that the most important part of any action movie is its ending—and that means you should watch out for these five things:

1) The hero should always die at the end (but not before he kills everyone else).

2) The villain should never die at all (but not before he gets his own personal revenge on the hero who killed his brother/mother/father/wife).

3) Everyone else should die too because they were dumb.

Ok, but skip this for movie night.

Romantic Comedies are Always a Winner

You know what’s not romantic? A horror movie. You know what’s not funny? A drama. You know what’s super-romantic, though? A comedy. And you know what’s super-funny? A comedy.

So imagine this: you’re out at a restaurant or bar with your SO, and the two of you are just having a great time talking and laughing—and then the waiter comes over to ask if you’d like dessert. And you say yes! But then the waiter says “Oh wait, we don’t have any desserts left.” And then there’s a pause as everyone looks at each other awkwardly…and then your SO starts laughing uncontrollably at the whole situation because they’re so comfortable with each other! The waiter gives them a weird look and walks away uncomfortably—but that only makes it funnier!

The point is: when it comes to picking out movies for couples night, go with Romantic Comedies. They’re always going to be a hit!

Incorporate some Fun Goodies!

Watching a movie with your significant other can be a great way to relax, unwind, and bond. However, it can also be a little bit boring.

We’ve all been there: you sit down on the couch, ready to watch the latest romantic comedy or tear jerker that your partner recommended. You’re excited to snuggle up and enjoy some quality time together. But then… well, you know how it goes. The opening credits roll by and you realize that they were right—this movie is kind of boring! The more time passes, the more you start to feel yourself starting to fade out of focus. If you’re lucky enough to make it through the movie without falling asleep (or worse), then congratulations! You’ve survived another couple’s night at home in front of the TV.

If only there were something that could help us keep our attention focused on our partner during movie nights…

Enter the THC cartridge! These cartridges contain THC oil or vape juice and are used with a vaporizer pen for an easy way to inhale without having to smoke it or cook it into any food product (which can sometimes make things taste funny).

Enjoy some tasty snacks with movie night

If you’re having a movie night, and you’re looking for something to snack on, look no further. We’ve got you covered with a delicious selection of snacks that are sure to please your guests!

Peanut butter cups are the perfect treat for movie night. These bite-sized pieces of Peanut butter cups] come in a variety of flavors, so you can pick the ones that suit your guests’ tastes. They’re great for sharing, too!

Peanut butter cups are always a crowd pleaser—in fact, they were voted best snack by our customers last year! These crunchy snacks are packed with flavor and will keep your guests satisfied throughout their viewing experience.

If you want to add a little something extra to your snack selection, we recommend jalapeno chips. These bite-sized pieces of jalapeno chips come in flavors like “sriracha” and “cheese,” so they’ll go perfectly with whatever type of movie you choose to watch tonight (and trust us—there’s one out there for everyone).

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