The best and fast growing houseplants to fill the indoor garden quickly

Gardening is a great outdoor activity, and many people love it. However, with the size of houses shrinking and more people living in apartments, gardening is not feasible. However, indoor plants are the new trend as green interior designing is a thing these days. Social media has proven to be the notorious means of spreading the popularity as cute indoor plants are the most ‘Instagram able.’ These have numerous benefits to add to the trend. So, one can opt for one of the fast-growing houseplants if they wish to have quick results. asparagus fern plant 

Here are the best options:

  • Arrowhead Plant 

It is a climber with arrowhead-shaped leaves with streaks of green and white. One may think growing climbers inside the home can be messy. But these are specially bred to grow cleanly. One can also find cross-bred varieties in colourful streaked leaves. These plants thrive in bright shade, a corner that receives shallow sunlight. An arrowhead plant does not frequent watering but proliferates nevertheless. Some varieties also grow in a filling manner rather than shooting up. 

  • Asparagus Fern 

This form is fast to grow as it shoots up pretty fast. One can use the plant as foliage for the indoor garden. These plants are not edible even though they look like salad leaves. One should not let their post go dry as the plant can die as soon as it grows. Like other varieties, an asparagus fern plant prefers a damp environment, high humidity, and bright shade. 

  • Grape Ivy 

Many people think this plant looks more like a poisonous species than a harmless grapevine. Despite the perceived appearance, grape ivy proliferates. Before one knows it, it becomes an adult plant. One should keep it in partial sunlight, water it regularly, and provide climbing support for rapid growth. 

  • Burn Plant 

It is a type of aloe plant. The name of the plant indicates its ability to heal burn wounds. It is also a fast-growing plant as the offsets quickly spring out of the parent plant. The burn plant does not need special attention in cold weather. However, the pot can dry quickly during summer. So, one would need to water it more frequently, ideally as soon as the mud dries. Also, one needs to keep the plant in mellow sunlight because intense rays can burn the ‘burn plant.’ 

  • Pothos 

It is named after the Greek God of love. It is like a beautiful marriage between a vine and a heart-shaped leaf plant. It is one of the easiest plants to grow and is ideal for beginners. But one should remember that the Pathos plant can reach up to 8 feet or higher if not controlled. So, one should ensure they trim it regularly and keep it in a space where it can have enough space to grow properly and look pretty. One would need to water it moderately and keep it in a bright shade corner. 

  • Philodendron 

The meaning of this name is ‘love tree.’ Rightly so, the plant is easy to maintain and love. It features prolific heart-shaped leaves, making it an excellent option for beginners or people who have killed a few house plants. It is easy to grow and maintain the plant. This plant thrives under indirect sunlight and occasional watering. Philodendron can tolerate partial drying, but one should not allow the soil to dry even partially. Due to the ease of growing and soft looks, it is one of the favourite indoor plants for many. 

So, household plants are growing popular, especially the younger gardeners. They love to keep fast growing houseplants because of the benefits and ease of maintenance.



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