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The Benefits of using Webflow for Website Development

The website development industry is changing drastically, with new website development platforms being launched each year it is becoming easier to get stunning websites at a more affordable price. Yet to really benefit from a development platform such as Webflow it is still best to use a Webflow Developer.  

With Webflow, you can have responsive websites without having to write a single line of code. If you’re not a developer, that’s not a problem. You’ll still be able to create websites using its built-in features. Plus, if you ever do need help from a Webflow developer, there’s a large community of developers available to assist you.

  1. Easy Animations & Interactions.

Having a static website can really set your business back. If you’ve been on the web lately you’ll see the majority of new websites will utilize animations and interactions. This growing trend is an amazing way to keep your users engaged and focused on your website, the last thing you want is for your users to leave your website quickly.

To remain competitive in your industry’s market, you need to make sure you are on par with your competition. This means having a great website that makes you stand out while also offering a great user experience.

That doesn’t mean you just fill your website with lots of animations, you need to understand your users/clients and what they would want to see and use. Make your website fit your users, not your preference.

  1. Responsive across all devices.

Having a responsive website is one of the key strengths any website needs to have in this day and age. Everyone is using different devices such as laptops, desktops, mobiles, and tablets. Along with that, all those devices have different screen sizes that your website needs to adjust to.

That’s what having a responsive website is all about, a website that will shift and change its layout based on the screen size it’s being viewed on. Webflow does this straight out of the box and allows you to further edit the design based on any screen size. 

If you’re trying to find a platform that will give you responsiveness out of the box but also allow you to expand that responsiveness then Webflow is a great choice.

  1. Simple development process with no code required.

Although there are still website developers that use code and plenty of websites that use them, it is no longer 100% necessary. Most business websites don’t need to be custom coded anymore and can actually be built better and faster using a platform like Webflow.

Having the freedom to design in a visual way is a massive step forward in the industry and has allowed the more creative types that don’t know how to code, to create some amazing websites.

  1. Get your website built quickly.

Time is money, as the saying goes. Along with that websites cost money. A normal development process can see you waiting months to get a website but with Webflow you can have your new website up and running within weeks.

It also eliminates a lot of the development process, such as wireframes and UI design mockups. A Webflow developer can instead build the site directly within Webflow and have a functioning design ready for you to review quickly.

  1. Easy to update and change as time goes on.

Have you ever tried editing a WordPress website after a developer has finished making it? It can be a difficult and sometimes impossible task if you don’t know how to code. This is taken away with the visual editor and allows any business owner to make changes as time goes on. It also has a built-in CMS that you can use for any task, such as blog posts and e-commerce products. 

This again will eliminate the need for a developer and stops you from having to pay time and time again every time you need to make a change to your website.

Conclusion: As time goes on we will most likely see the Webflow platform expand even further with more features and utilities. They are also already testing their own membership system that allows you to add users to your website.

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