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The Benefits of Using Text-to-Give in Online Fundraising


Meta : Use the text-to-give method of fundraising to raise money quickly. Text-to-give is affordable, and people can donate from any part of the world.  

Limited resources can highly affect the running of activities in nonprofit organizations. These organizations get their funds from donations. However, it is not always easy to get people to donate enough funds to facilitate the smooth running of activities in the organization. The staffing in NPOs can be a significant challenge in fundraising efforts. Thanks to text-to-give, small nonprofit organizations can collect funds through donations.

In recent years, text-to-give donations have increased to approximately 205%. About 51% of the people that visit NGO websites use their smartphones. Such has made it easy for small NPOs to carry out donations. Below are some benefits obtained by using text-to-give as a method of raising funds.

It has fewer expenses.

The main advantage of text-to-give services is that they are affordable. All that a person needs to do is send a text to a particular number, and they will get a link to the campaign page. This means the organization will not incur a lot of expenses in organizing the donations.

Some fundraising platforms like DonorBox, allowing the user to use the technology the whole year. The service can be used for various initiatives and general funds. All that the organization needs to do is look for people that are willing to donate.

It reaches many people.

A text-to-give campaign allows organizations to reach many donors within a short period. This efficiently increases the organization’s base of support. Such a campaign allows an organization to effectively engage with  smartphone users.

Technology has advanced at a very high rate, and nearly everyone has a smartphone. The technological advancements make it easy for nonprofit organizations to combine the strategy with other promotion tactics. These tactics increase the number of smartphone users who can donate to the organization.

Organizations reach a huge number of people through campaigns. For instance, they can include the number for the text-to-give initiative in their social media platforms or emails to increase the number of people that the campaign reaches.

It’s flexible

The text-to-give is considered one of the most reliable strategies for making donations—an example of where this method was effective in the case of the Haiti earthquake. People worldwide were able to make donations by texting the word “Haiti” to a certain number.

The strategy can be used independently or can be used to complement other methods of fundraisings. One of the methods is email campaigns. If the organization is running a campaign for people to donate funds, they can include the number for text-to-give emails. This will reach a considerable number of people, thus increasing the chances of a donation being made.

The strategy can also be combined with a live fundraising event. The text-to-give number can be displayed on the live stream as you encourage your viewers to donate. It is advisable to use a platform that will show the number of donations in real-time. Such would motivate other people to donate.

Reliable in making quick funds

If your organization is looking for a quick way to raise funds, the text-to-give strategy is an ideal option. NGOs can easily commit a certain amount of money. However, getting such funds is the main challenge. If the commitment is urgent, the organization might work under pressure to raise funds.

Text-to-give platforms provide organizations with reliable and secure areas where donors can donate their money. The payments are connected directly to the organization’s bank account. This allows the organization to offset the money they had committed without experiencing any delays.

It’s an easy donation process.

The best part about the text-to-give strategy is that it is an easy process of making donations. Unlike the traditional ways of fundraising, this method will not require the organization to gather people. By simply providing a text-to-give number, they will get the desired donations.

A complex donation process can reduce the number of people willing to make donations. Many people would prefer a user-friendly method to enable them to easily donate to the funds. This process will also play a role in convincing the donors that the platform is legit.

If a donor feels that a fundraising initiative does not seem legit, the chances are high that they will not donate. Small NGOs use the text-to-give strategy to receive donations because it is an easy way to convince people that the donation is legit.

Successful fundraising activity will require the incorporation of various donation strategies. However, given the current technological advancements, many people have smartphones. This makes text-to-give the most effective strategy for making donations. If your organization has limited resources that hinder it from holding donation functions, text-to-give is a reliable method to start with.


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