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The Benefits of React Native for Mobile App Development

React Native for Mobile App Development

It has become more popular in recent times to engage the expertise of a React Native app development agency due to the plethora of benefits associated with the programming framework. Since the development of React Native by Facebook in 2015, millions of app developers and companies have embraced the use of the framework attributed to help save time and facilitate the process of building responsive mobile apps.

What is React Native?

React Native was developed as a programming framework to enable app developers to create full, native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices using the universal programming language, JavaScript. The app development tool enables developers to reuse code across the web and on mobile devices, saving them the resources required to build the same app for Android and iOS from scratch. React Native is created as open source and community-driven, creating an environment for developers to connect and share their expertise and knowledge while also improving and supporting the framework.

Benefits of React Native

There has been an exponential increase in the use of mobile apps in recent times, with a report by Statista putting the total number of app downloads worldwide at about 194 billion in 2018. The report also projected the number to hit 299 billion by 2023, reiterating the increasing popularity of mobile apps and the imperativeness of businesses to create user-friendly apps that are compatible with iOS and Android without having to break the bank. Reach Native has been described as the ideal framework to help businesses meet their mobile app development needs, as substantiated by the features listed below.


One of the features of React Native is code reusability, with about 90% of the code reusable between the Android and iOS platforms. Consequently, developers enjoy a significant increase in development speed and efficiency. In a similar vein, the compatibility with both operating systems helps developers to save resources in terms of time and money, which also translates into a relatively lower overhead for businesses without sacrificing efficiency. In addition, maintenance and updates can be done on both apps simultaneously, saving on future costs once the apps are built and launched.


Another amazing feature of React Native is the use of the React JavaScript library for building fast and responsive app interfaces. React Native comes with fantastic rendering abilities while using a component-based approach to make the process of creating simple and complex UI designs easy.

Increased Flexibility

The interface used in React Native enables different developers on a team to easily continue from where any member of the team left off. Consequently, there is more team flexibility, making it a lot easier for app upgrades and updates. React Native is also beneficial to testers, enabling them to create different testing scenarios a lot easier.

Third-Party Plugins

React Native comes with several third-party plugin options that help to bring down significantly the relatively high cost of building an app from scratch. Some plugin options available to users include JavaScript-based and native modules, all created to remove the need for specific web view functions and enhance the functionality and performance of the app.

Native Look and Feel

React Native is developed to combine the building blocks from the native user interface with its own JavaScript, giving the app a native-like appearance. The framework’s components map 1:1 with native development components, with the uniform building blocks for Android and iOS ensuring the app’s look and feel are similar on both platforms.

Other exceptional features of React Native that have made it the preferred framework for developers and businesses include fast app updates, moveability of apps, and large community support amongst others.

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