The Benefits of Online Ordering Platforms


Online ordering systems allow customers to place orders for food and services at a restaurant. They can also streamline payment processes when integrated with a point-of-sale system.

A direct online ordering system allows customers to browse menus, select items and make payments electronically for a flat fee. The system can even automate driver bookings for delivery orders.



Online ordering systems help businesses expand their reach as customers can easily order products and services from anywhere they are. These platforms also help streamline the ordering process, eliminating errors and saving time. They can also update orders in real-time, enabling businesses to keep track of inventory and monitor their profitability from end to end.

Another advantage of online ordering platforms is that it can provide customer service through text messages to let them know if their food has been received is being prepared or is ready for pick-up. This two-way communication system can improve customer satisfaction, which can result in positive word-of-mouth and business growth.

Choosing the right online ordering system depends on your restaurant’s needs. Look for a platform that is easy to use and can be customized to your business’s logo and color scheme. It should also offer technical support. Consider the price as well and whether it fits into your budget.



Online ordering systems streamline business operations by automating tasks and eliminating manual processes. For example, maintaining a daily log is an inefficient way to track orders, but with an online order management system, it’s easy for businesses to monitor their inventory and make real-time updates.

Additionally, online ordering systems help restaurants avoid third-party transaction fees and processing charges. These types of fees can add up quickly, but the best online ordering systems like Menufy offer affordable packages that are low on cost but high in features and functionality.

Choose an online ordering system that offers customization options to ensure the system aligns with your restaurant’s branding and style. Also, look for a solution that allows you to accept multiple payment methods including cash, mobile payments, credit cards, and loyalty programs. This will allow you to reach a wider customer base and maximize sales opportunities. Finally, look for an online ordering system that can easily integrate with your existing point of sale (POS) systems to save time and reduce manual errors.


Real-Time Tracking

Online ordering systems should include a real-time tracking feature that lets customers know when their order is on its way. This is important for improving on-time delivery rates and keeping customers happy.

Real-time tracking uses GPS technology to monitor the location of shipments and communicate it to customers. This allows businesses to optimize delivery routes, assign drivers more effectively, and spot any issues or potential delays in advance.

This kind of real-time delivery tracking can also help you avoid time-consuming games of phone tag with your customer and boosts your credibility and trustworthiness. Additionally, it can also increase your on-time delivery rate, which is essential for reducing operational costs and increasing profitability. Look for online ordering systems that provide this feature to make your business more successful. Ideally, the system should be easy for both employees and consumers to use. This will ensure a smooth process that minimizes mistakes and reduces customer frustration. It should also be compatible with mobile devices and operating systems.


Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are good for business, helping you to grow without having to spend as much on conversion tactics like price discounts. Loyal customers tend to purchase more often, spend more money with your company and are more likely to become brand promoters – sharing their positive experience with friends and family on social media or writing great reviews.

Online ordering platforms allow you to collect customer loyalty information – such as cell phone numbers, email addresses and birthdays – which can be used to automatically send them special offers on their birthday or when they reach certain thresholds of points or stamps in your loyalty program.

Besides being a food ordering system, an online ordering platform is also a restaurant marketing tool and can be easily integrated with other features of the software such as service delivery management or customer loyalty programs. Moreover, it can be built on top of existing point of sale (POS) systems or stand as a standalone application.

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