The benefits of buying a new build house

buying a new build house

If you’re looking to find a new home, a common conundrum you might face is whether you should be looking at new or old build properties. Both options have pros and cons. You may prefer the traditional styles and plots of existing homes or take a fancy to the sleek interiors and exteriors of new build properties. For those less aware of the features and elements of brand-new houses, let’s explore some of the most popular benefits that come with opting for a new build.

Avoid chains

One of the most popular benefits, particularly for existing homeowners, is the lack of a property chain when buying a new build. Buyers can spend months waiting for property chains to move if they’re purchasing an older house, and sometimes chains can fall through – ending the process for everyone involved. As new builds are released straight from development, purchasing one can be a chain-free process. This makes the buying journey much simpler, providing you have all the necessary means.

Better energy efficiency

Another significant factor that buyers are attracted to is energy efficiency. New builds are typically constructed to the highest energy standards and are all are set to be fitted with low-carbon heating systems. Better energy efficiency is not only beneficial for the environment, but it will save you hundreds a year through lower bills. This makes new builds a great option for the environmentally conscious and more frugal in society.

Nothing second-hand

Perhaps one of the other major draws to new houses is the fact that everything inside is brand-new. Forget old carpets, damaged walls and dirty bathrooms – all the elements of a new build are essentially straight from the factory. Furthermore, you can even be involved in the design and fitting process for some new builds if they are still in development. This will allow you to put your own stamp on a new property and choose certain things like carpets and kitchen styles. If you want a completely fresh property, then new build is the way to go. 

Equipped for the future

Following on from the energy efficiency of new homes, they will also be equipped for the future with additions such as EV charging points. Government policy dictates that all new buildings in England will have to be built with EV chargers to support net-zero carbon emission goals and to develop national infrastructure before the ban on new petrol and diesel cars comes into effect.

So, are you considering whether to go for a new or old build property? You may find that a new build is the right option for you, so start exploring your options today!

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