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The Benefit of Specialty Groups at Elevations RTC

For teenagers to fully return to some sense of normalcy, having tailored therapy helps significantly. There is no such thing as a way to help every single teenager with a single approach, which is why specialty groups have become more and more of the norm at Elevations RTC. No matter what type of therapy makes the most sense for each student, what they offer is second to none in the residential treatment center industry.

While new groups are added from time to time based on student needs, a few that are always in existence are detailed below. These are a great way for students to focus on their own passions and meet others to share those passions with them.

Art Therapy

Art allows for creative expression that few students get the opportunity to experience before arriving at Elevations RTC. By offering an art therapy group on campus, the goal is to foster healing and general mental well-being through an extracurricular activity.

A student can already have a passion for art or look for something different that can take their mind off more challenging things. Whatever the case is, art therapy can help increase a student’s self-esteem, reduce stress, explore different emotions, and even work on social skills with others in the group.

The best quality of art therapy is it allows students to become much more well-rounded in different ways. There is always the individual aspect of art, but the social part plays a role as well. Other disciplines of art have full support on campus. Developing a love for art on campus can lead to years and years of enjoyment well after graduation.

Healthy Eating

Some students arrive on campus not happy with their current weight situation. Whether a person is carrying extra weight or looking to add healthy weight to their frame, Healthy Eating is a perfect group.

The campus at Elevations RTC provides all the tools to make smarter decisions. Since students are eating all their meals on campus, they can make healthy decisions to eat a certain way every single day. There are fewer temptations in this environment. By having a group that holds everyone accountable, the opportunity to reach goals is easier as well.

This group focuses on all of the different benefits a student experiences from good nutrition, including mental health wise, just by making some subtle changes to a diet. Some students need smaller changes than others to see a noticeable improvement.

Attachment Group

It can feel like a very isolated experience to have any attachment issues as a teenager. The Attachment Group at Elevations RTC allows students not to be embarrassed by their issues, and instead help in the recovery process little by little.

Attachment issues can carry on for years and years if not treated properly. The group on campus meets regularly to create healthy social interactions with other teenagers. Through this therapy process, students learn more about themselves and gradually get over any type of attachment disorder that might be holding them back.

These methods learned on campus translate well to the outside world as well. By graduation, many students in the program have fully recovered from attachment issues that have plagued them for most of their lives.

Experiential Groups

One of the most versatile groups and Elevations RTC are the experiential opportunities offered to students. Whether students need expressive therapies such as those related to art and music, or adventures with animals or in the wild, there is something for every student who has something that they are passionate about.

The experiential groups help out many students dealing with substance use disorders, but they could help overcome other mental issues as well. The licensed therapists at Elevations are always looking at students and seeing which groups best fit their personality. A lot of subgroups come out of these experiential opportunities, making it intriguing for those with even the most obscure passions.

Mind and Body Connection

The final common specialty group from Elevations RTC is Mind and Body Connection. Many teenagers might realize that their thoughts and feelings can either positively or negatively affect their biological functioning. A group focused on getting each student’s mind right can affect just how healthy the body is overall.

Everything from physical focus to mentally preparing for challenges along the way can improve the mind and body connection. Many students are experimenting with these techniques for the first time in their life and it can be a great way to have breakthroughs when other therapies might not work.

What are some of the therapies to fall under this category? A lot of relaxation opportunities like yoga and tai chi are part of the process. There is also meditation, creative arts experiences, and cognitive behavioral therapy for students to utilize.

Adapting groups to the current student body

If any needs come up as far as groups are concerned, there will always be opportunities for the team at Elevations RTC to add specialty groups. Group therapy is a big part of life on campus, and the entire staff wants to make sure that students have multiple ways to connect with others positively. Adaptation is always the key to see positive changes in that regard.

Therapists have an open dialogue with students throughout the year if anything does come up. New groups can launch at the beginning, middle, or even towards the end of the school year to meet our student’s needs

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