The Aurus Starter Package – Special Offer!

Buying your first piece of gold or silver can be tricky. Aurus has launched the Aurus Starter Package along with its partner Aurica Metales to enable people around the world to easily access a reliable form of wealth in the form of tokenized precious metalsall at a big discount and with FREE global shipping. 

The Aurus Starter Package:

  • 1 gram of Gold (AWG) (~$65)
  • 100 grams of Silver (AWS) (~$80)
  • 10 AurusDeFi (AWX) (~$20)
  • 1 Polygon (MATIC) (~$1.60)
  • Aurus Vault Card (~$19.99)

For just $149.99 ($̶1̶8̶5̶.̶9̶9̶) → Shop Now

Aurus Starter Package

Package Description:

  • AurusGOLD (AWG) is a gold-backed token 1:1 backed by, and redeemable for 1 gram of 99.99% LBMA-accredited gold, stored in fully audited and insured vaults.
  • AurusSILVER (AWS) is a silver-backed token 1:1 backed by, and redeemable for 1 gram of 99.9% LBMA-accredited silver, stored in fully audited and insured vaults.
  • AurusDeFi (AWX) is a reward token limited to a total supply of 30 million that can be staked in the Aurus Mobile app to passively earn gold, silver, and platinum tokens, derived from ecosystem minting and transaction fees: 50% from AWG, and 30% from AWS and AWP.
  • Polygon (MATIC) is used to pay transaction fees for Aurus tokens on the Polygon network.
  • Aurus Vault Card is a highly secure, NFC-enabled hardware wallet that interacts with the Aurus App to safely store, accumulate and transfer tokens.

Empowering Precious Metals

Accumulate grams of gold, silver, and platinum at fractions above the spot price, without the burdens of limited transportability and high storage costs. Aurus tokens are highly liquid, transferable, and easy to store, making it the perfect way to invest in precious metals. Get started with the Aurus starter package now!

About Aurus

Aurus provides the software, network and crypto infrastructure for global precious metals businesses to merge with the future of finance, in the form of DeFi and Web3 applications — giving them high-tech products, a huge addressable market, and passive revenue streams.

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