The Art of Raising Kids With Phone Monitoring Apps For Parents – Challenges And Solutions

Indeed, the advancement of technology has improved nearly every aspect of our lives. However, it has also brought along significant challenges for parents and kids of the digital age. It is not surprising to see adults leaning on parental control app to tackle the challenges of modern-day parenting. But what has made parenting so burdensome?

Challenges of Modern-Age Parenting

A vast majority of kids have access to screens in the form of smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs. They use it to fulfill nearly every need, from education to communication to entertainment and more. That opens doors to a myriad of issues, most of which can be tackled with the help of parental control app. Let’s look at some of the challenges faced by modern-day parents.

  • Screen Addiction

When kids have easy access to screens, especially if it is unsupervised, it often leads to screen addiction. Kids spend hours playing games, watching videos, surfing the internet, and so on. That is why, countless parents struggle to balance kids’ screen time and routine tasks.

  • Shrinking Attention Span

Screen addiction has a massive impact on kids’ attention spans. Scientific studies prove that children (including teens) with excessive screen time experience shrinkage of the part of the brain responsible for attention and focus.

  • Learning Impairment

Kids with short attention spans struggle in almost every sphere of their lives, including studies. Have you ever observed your kids while they are interacting with screens? They hop from channel to channel until something engaging catches their eye. This practice leads to impatience, instant gratification, and impaired learning abilities.

  • Lack of Community Engagement

Active participation in community events/affairs helps kids form better and more stable relationships. It allows them to understand complex notions and exercise patience. When kids stay cooped up in the house to only fidget with screens, they may develop awkward social interactions and lack community engagement skills.

  • Protection Against Cyber-Threats

Uninhibited use of social media apps and the internet can be quite dangerous for young kids. There is no shortage of cyber threats, such as identity theft, sexual grooming, piracy, catfishing, racism, etc., on the internet. Kids are an easier target for cybercriminals because they are innocent and more prone to believing lies.

Solutions to Mitigate the Risks and Make Parenting Easier

Though countless more threats loom over kids and adults in the digital age, I’m sure you have got the gist of the situation. If there are problems, there must also be solutions, like parental control app. parental control apps help keep checks and balances on kids’ activities and whereabouts.

Why Use Parental Controls?

Modern-day parenting is a lot different from the parenting of the past. Indeed, the invention of the internet has improved our quality of life, but it has also made parenting significantly more complicated. Kids, being digital citizens, are born ready to use the advanced technology of the modern world. On the other hand, parents (being digital immigrants) have a hard time coping with the ever-changing trends.

Kids will always be naive and gullible, no matter how good they are at using the latest and most complicated technology. They lack the wisdom and foresight their parents possess to access the dangers lurking in the world (digital and otherwise). So, how can parents bridge the gap and protect their kids? The answer is simple. They befriend the technology that can help them safeguard their kids’ digital lives. Let’s explore how FamilyTime can help out parents.

How Can FamilyTime Help Parents?

FamilyTime is one of the best parental control apps because it encompasses all threats and safeguards kids against numerous safety risks (both online and real world). FamilyTime parental control app is one of the best parental apps out there. It is famous for its features, affordable prices, excellent customer service, and easy-to-use design. For instance, if parents own iPhone devices and children use Android ones, they can seamlessly manage their kids’ devices remotely from their parental hub. Here are a few significant reasons parents love this app.

  • Limit Screen Time

FamilyTime has a feature called Screen Time Limit that can help parents curb kids’ screen addiction, learning impairment, and decreasing attention spans. It allows you to specify and limit kids’ screen time to the minute. That means kids cannot use their devices beyond the specified time.

  • Customize Schedules

With its Screen Time Schedule feature, parents can help create multiple learning avenues for their kids. You can specify timings for homework, meals, bedtime, chores, etc., from your parental device. A set daily schedule brings numerous benefits, such as a stable/grounded personality, opportunities for improving creativity, community engagement, and more.

  • Protect Against Cyber-Threats

Life without the internet seems impossible in the modern world. While it has brought people closer, it has also opened doors to plenty of dangers. Cybercrimes like piracy, viruses/hacks, online grooming, etc., are rampant in online communities. Moreover, the risk of kids getting exposed to inappropriate content is also high. FamilyTime offers features like Internet Filters, Web History, Internet Schedule, and App Blocker to counter these issues.

  • Safeguard from Real-World Dangers

The Call & Text Monitoring feature helps parents protect their kids from several horrific real-world threats, such as racism, sexual predators/sexting, suicide ideation, substance abuse, depression, and more. This feature scans kids’ conversations, highlights words or phrases related to the forenamed threats, and notifies parents immediately.

  • Teach Road Safety

FamilyTime is considered the best phone monitoring app for parents because it caters to the needs of both kids and teens. Its Teen Safe Drive feature allows you to specify a driving speed limit for teens who have just started driving. It sends instant alerts to parents whenever teens cross their designated speeds and ensures the safety of teens on the road.

With FamilyTime by your side, the art of raising kids doesn’t seem that daunting. So sign up, relax, and enjoy a smooth ride through digital parenting.

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