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The Art of Persuasion: 5 Strategies from Asiantalks to Help You Convince Anyone

According to a 2016 article by Better Advice, your communication skills are more important to your self-actualization than any other skills you may have. The study further claims that 85% of your financial performance is determined by your personality traits and your ability to lead, negotiate and communicate. A country, friendship or relationship can be made or broken by the power of communication. You need to be a good communicator to deepen your new contacts on social platforms like Asiantalks, where people interested in international communication meet.

You can get what you want in life if you have excellent communication skills. Persuasion can be useful, for example, if you’re trying to get a raise or a promotion at work, or even just to get the food you want at a restaurant. In reality, the best strategy for achieving your goals is the psychology of persuasion.

There are 5 ways to persuade someone:

1) Have certainty

When you want to persuade someone, confidence is the most important action you can take, and Asiantalks isn’t an exclusion. Even if you’re communicating online with your friends on Asiantalks, you’ll come across stronger and more convincing if you’re confident. Even if you’re shy, you can easily simulate confidence. And the best part is that no one can tell if you’re lying! Just show enough confidence while getting your message across.

Confidence conveys to the other person that you’re willing to accept their offer and that you know what you want. If you exude enough confidence, the other person will be convinced to fulfill your request.

Your breathing, movements, and posture communicate to the person you’re talking to how confident you’re, not just your speech. Don’t use strong language if your hands are shaking or your face shows signs of anxiety.

2) Develop the ability to start a discussion with a reasonable argument

Persuasion won’t be difficult for you if you’re a reasonable person. The College of Colorado Consortium claims that persuasion is the process of using a logical argument to convince someone to change their behavior or views without using force.

People who are persuaded to take an action do so because they believe it’s the right thing to do. For example, imagine trying to convince your work colleague using Asiantalks to help you with a difficult project you’re working on together using Asiantalks. He or she may initially decline, but you can convince him or her with arguments that he or she can better complete the remaining tasks on the project quickly and effectively. Career advancement for both of you and an important contribution to the company are some things you can say.

3) Make an offer seem useful

You have a better chance of getting the other person to respond to your demands if you make them seem more important to them. It may be a challenge to show how your request would also help the other person, but it can serve as a final argument. Imagine asking your neighbor to let you use his stove. He may resist at first, but you can encourage him by explaining how much fun it’ll be to teach him a new baking technique or that you’ll share some cakes with him later.

4) Compliment, but don’t go too far

One of the most effective strategies on this list is complimenting. However, you should be careful when giving compliments so that they don’t sound trite and unfair. Therefore, you can use pithy phrases or remarks to complement your counterpart matter-of-factly, rather than flattering them with overly “nice” words. For example, on Asiantalks you might say to a potential chat mate, “Hey, that’s a very nice outfit you’re wearing in your profile photo! Please tell me where you bought it.” or “I saw that you’ve been investing in cryptocurrencies for five years – what a wealth of knowledge!” Could we discuss investing in cryptocurrencies in more detail so I can learn more?

In any discourse, some words are more valuable than others. For example, the term “lucrative” is more valuable than the word “good,” while the phrase “reasonable” sounds more credible than the word “alright”

To be convincing in a conversation on Asiantalks your sentences don’t always have to contain a lot of technical terms; instead, you should structure them so that the subject clearly understands what you meant. This way, you’ll show that you’re a better communicator, and even come across as friendlier, wiser, and more reliable.

5) Patience and perseverance are important

It’s important to realize that not everyone can always be convinced. Sometimes you’ll experience disappointment. But even then, don’t beg, fight or plead. The best course of action is to let go so that you can gather your thoughts and try again later.

Your argument will always remain in the other person’s subconscious, and if you try to address it in your next conversion, you’ll have another chance to appear more reasoned and convincing. Allow some time between attempts, but be persistent.

Can you improve your persuasion skills with Asiantalks?

Only practical skills are needed for communication. Chat with others to get your message across and improve your persuasion skills! Any person who wants to improve their social skills can use Asiantalks. It could also be much easier to practice strategies that will help you appear confident and convince your conversation partner.


Remember that developing persuasion skills takes time, just like any other important talent. Although you may not be immediately successful, if you apply the above strategies and keep working on them, you can eventually build your confidence to the point where it becomes easy for you to persuade others. Always remember that your main goal should be to make your competitors see things from a different perspective, not to intimidate anyone.

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