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The art of earning through assorted investments options with Jordan Langhorne

Jordan Langhorne

When Jordan saw potential in the memorabilia business, he was inclined towards the opportunity and he soon acted upon the same. At a very tender age of 12, when most of the teenagers were busy doing schoolwork, he mastered a plan which presented numerous earning possibilities for him. Memorabilia are one of the most popular and expensive items in the world. From memorabilia enthusiasts to clever investors, everyone is looking to get their hands on the rarest of all. 

Jordan Langhorne, a businessman, and an investor has been investing in memorabilia for a long time as it has become a part of his hustle. When he initiated his business, he used the growing potential of Facebook as a means to grow his business. Autographs 247, a Facebook page was created to draw an audience towards the business, as it was successful in garnering followership of more than 17000.

After being victorious with his idea, he decided to diversify his interest and start a new journey. At the age of 16, he started trading in sports cards as “Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards’ ‘, another Facebook group that came into existence that would then reach the mark of 11000 following. Even though this young investor has seen innumerable earning opportunities, his skills have always proven beneficial given lesser setbacks. The decade saw an upsurge in digital investments including cryptocurrencies, stocks, etc. He has been involved with trading in digital currencies as well as NBA top shots. Many will disagree, but NBA top shots are one of the rapidly emerging investments. 

The pandemic was not fair to anyone, as many business owners suffered huge losses, and were financially crippled. But Jordan decided not to let the situation overpower him and his business, and rise above it. So far he has been able to do great as he discovered the benefits of the eBay business. He went on to launch his ‘Bay area Sportscard’ which was bought and sold on the eBay platform. By Oct 2020 he hit a breakthrough, as his eBay store successfully earned revenue of 100000$ and by January the amount doubled. Jordan has worked relentlessly through the years to cultivate his profile in the market. 

When asked about the key values he learned through his business, he says, networking is very important for your business’ outreach, as connecting with people will ensure you get to expand your client circle. 

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