TAEX features legendary artist Manovich in the latest NFT drop

A recent NFT drop featuring TAEX and contemporary digital artists Manovich is bringing together AI,  Art history, and the Tezos Blockchain. 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are pumping a new wave of connecting web3 to AI storytelling, experimental digital painting, 3D archaeology, contemporary art, and speculative art history. 

By pushing these boundaries, TAEX, or the Art Exchange has made a name for itself in digital conceptualization and blending iconic art history. 

What is TAEX?

TAEX is a platform that brings together curators, artists, and digital collectors of contemporary art. The platform is working with some of the most successful artists and curators by introducing them to web3, visual media, and NFTs. TAEX is focused on exploring the blockchain as a medium of relaying art. Partners include Christie’s Education, Art Newspaper International, and Decentraland.

Currently, the platform is expanding its community by onboarding new artists, curators, collectors, influencers, and brands.

TAEX’s new collection features Digital theorist, artist, and writer Dr. Lev Manovich and researcher Margarita Kaleva. 

Manovich’s work has appeared across hundreds of major publications and has appeared multiple times in the top 25 notable figures shaping the future of Design. 

Dr. Margarita Kuleva is a highly-rated scholar, artist, and curator. Her work lies at the intersection of cultural inequalities and technologies. Her work also explores performance and ethnography. She has a postdoctoral in research from NYU.  

This new collection will highlight the visual richness of digital art as well as AI’s perspective of classic art in terms of urgency, production, and authorship. 

The collection is such a vital step in NFT’s journey owing to its richness of emerging tech. In the work, Manovich has remained true to his natural artistic language. 

On the other hand, the Tezos blockchain has come out as an NFT-community-rich blockchain to support the new work. 

Unlike most blockchains, Tezos hosts a diversity-rich ecosystem of NFT enthusiasts. You will find both small and large-scale collections. 

Presently, TAEX is the biggest contemporary art platform for digital collectibles on the Tezos blockchain. The platform has lots of NFT collections to qualify as a marketplace, but they love to refer to themselves as an NFT marketplace. 

TAEX outlines its major fanbase as lovers of classical history, contemporary art, virtual architecture, and archaeology. 

We can easily call the drop a cross-genre work of art. Not because it has any two cross-functional blockchains. Mainly because of its media, art, and technology-rich backgrounds. 

The Art Exchange (TAEX) premiered the collection during the Art Basel in Paris. The Art Exchange made the announcement “TAEX is coming to Art Basel in Paris’ weeks before D-day. 

Anyone with a ticket could access the event, which combined both a private party for registered collectors and an open debate. 

The NFT platform urged anyone interested to join its upcoming private events needed to only purchase an NFT from its collections. Dr. Lev Manovich introduced and launched the drop on the 23rd of October during the panel discussion.

NFTs are gaining more popularity among the average people. Volumes recorded between September and October show new 1.11 million unique addresses. Nonetheless, the trading volumes do not reflect the new entrants. This is because October saw a drop in overall trading volume compared to other months in 2022.

However, new entrants could be attributed to new business models, utility creation, and integration with new technologies which are in favor of art. Besides, there are also other emerging technologies that are directly and indirectly impacting the NFT creator economy. These include AI, VR, AR, and the Metaverse. 

Lev and Margarita’s work has raised lots of questions surrounding artistic originality when AI comes into the picture. How does artificial intelligence affect an artist’s perspective in relation to classic art, computing history, archaeology, and anthropology? All of these concerns tie into the one-million-dollar question of whether AI-generated art should be considered art. 

Explore TAEX and this new drop and get immersed in a journey of ticking all the above questions. The ultimate answer is art is the basis of skill, imagination, experience, and emotion. 

All with the aim of entertaining and evoking reaction. Through the new NFT collection, you will experience both human imagination and the power of machine intelligence to bring out the best of both classical and contemporary art. 

AI has never had emotions to express itself. Through AI NFTs, there is an imminent possibility to experience art in its rich diversity. 

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