How AQRU’s Simple and Secure Crypto Platform Is Helping More People Earn From The Digital Currency Market

Earn Interest On Your Crypto

The team at AQRU is led by the forward-thinking CEO Philip Blows and his co-founder and COO Digby Try, bringing together their combined expertise from FinTech and traditional finance. With the launch of their new user-friendly platform, the team has reiterated their commitment to bridging the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance. The AQRU platform gives users access to the exciting crypto market, and provides a simple and easy way for you to earn up to 12% on your crypto deposits. The best part is there are no lock-in periods, and unlike other platforms you earn up to 12% over the entire value of your Crypto investment.

AQRU was born out of frustration at the complexity of buying and earning cryptocurrency. It remains confusing, expensive, and risky when looking to buy crypto for the first time, or, when managing an existing portfolio,” said Philip Blows. “Our approach makes buying and earning yield on cryptocurrency accessible to anyone for the first time, with a simplified user experience, along with using battle tested technology, providing bank-level security.”

Overview of the Global Decentralized Finance Market

According to veteran crypto investor Matthew Roszak, “decentralized finance is poised to explode 10-fold.” The DeFi market has witnessed tremendous growth over the years, as more businesses, as well as individuals, get into the crypto space for varying reasons. Much of the feat achieved by the market has however been attributed to increased interest from investors looking for massive yields. In comparison to traditional finance, Defi allows people to lend out digital currency and earn interest without the restrictions further endearing the technology to more people worldwide. Despite the amazing figures coming from the DeFi market, millions of people worldwide still struggle to get into the space and earn impressive returns on their investment. However, the AQRU platform seeks to change this narrative by practically breaking the existing barriers and making it simple, safe and secure for everyone.

Features Of The AQRU Platform

The AQRU Platform is designed to simplify the process of entering the crypto market while enabling holders of digital currency to earn interest, paid daily, as opposed to just sitting on their cryptocurrency. AQRU set out to build the safest and simplest place to access good returns in crypto, with the goal of providing the highest interest yields in one insured and regulated platform.

AQRU has an easy-to-navigate interface that allows users to deposit their fiat currency, GBP and Euros, as well as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and USDC, and earn returns up to 12%. To start, users can fund the account with a minimum deposit of €100 via bank transfer in about 30 seconds, and then can buy the crypto of their choice.

An important feature that is unique to this space is that AQRU has no minimum lock in period, allowing users to withdraw their funds instantly in crypto or in real money, including the interest they’ve earned. For those worried about the safety features in this space over traditional finance, the platform offers bank-grade style security on the platform in the way of Fireblocks, a service trusted by more than 800 institutions and over 70 banks to store and trade digital assets. On top of this AQRU offers market leading protection with a $30 million insurance policy against hacking.

Customer service is a priority for AQRU, based on the founders’ frustrations with poor experiences with other crypto platforms. Once locked into a crypto platform’s ecosystem, there have been many cases, where customers have to wait weeks for responses to vital account queries, or worse face being locked out permanently out  of their account. AQRU therefore places a priority on offering a responsive customer service composed of an experienced human team when users reach out.

Philip Blows expands on appealing to those newer to crypto currency, “What we’re trying to do is make the whole journey from traditional money through to earning interest as easy as possible. We’ve built a bank-grade infrastructure in our custody solution to make this as safe as possible in the world of crypto. So people who maybe have been on the sidelines with their crypto portfolio now have the confidence to actually start earning interest for the first time.”

The Brains Behind The AQRU Platform

The team of highly experienced and well-trained professionals leading the AQRU movement has one of the longest track records in DeFi in the UK. With AQRU, the team is bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience to the table to challenge the status quo in the system.

Philip Blows, Chief Executive Officer, brings over 15 years of leadership experience in the FinTech and asset management sectors, spearheading the scaling-up of online trading platforms at several leading companies. He is also a Certified Blockchain Expert by the Blockchain Council.

Digby Try, Chief Operating Officer, has over 20 years in senior management roles in the currency, payments and fintech sectors in both the UK and US. This includes delivering fiat banking rails to the crypto industry and working alongside many of the world’s leading exchanges. 

Mike Edwards, Non-Executive Chairman, has been investing in technology companies for over 20 years, actively involved in growing and supporting the cryptocurrency start-up community and connecting local entrepreneurs with the right investors, mentors, and influencers worldwide.

Other members of the team are Timothy Vincent Le Druillenec, Mark Rutledge, Misha Sher, and Nicholas Lyth, all of whom have shown their prowess in the fintech industry over the years.

For more information about the AQRU platform, visit – AQRU can also be found across social media, including TelegramInstagram, and YouTube.

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