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The App For Hosts Who Prefer Entertaining To Cooking

The holiday’s have come and gone, and for many of us, that’s a huge relief. Between decorations, traveling and cooking for an entire family, the stress can really pile up. While technology has come a long way to help us navigate our busy schedules, most modern kitchens haven’t changed much. Having everyone over for a holiday meal still means finding a crowd-pleasing recipe, buying all the ingredients, and tackling dinner yourself — especially if your family always comes up with an excuse to get out of the kitchen.

Even with smart devices making their way into the kitchen, there are still challenges when it comes to coordinating everything you need for a big meal. Your smart oven can adjust the temperature as your roast cooks, and your smart fridge can tell you that you’ve got three types of artisan cheese. But you’ve still got to scroll through recipes, do the shopping, and make sure the stovetop doesn’t boil over while you’re peeling potatoes.

Chefling, which is available for free, is a mobile app that’s taking the next step in kitchen tech: connecting, coordinating and automating across devices. It all starts with your digital pantry. You can manually add in items, or scan the receipt from your latest grocery run. Notifications are sent when something in the digital pantry gets low or approaches its expiration date to help reduce food waste (and save you money!). Integration with online grocery vendors means you can reorder right then and there, too. Think of it as a sort of digital butler that keeps you stocked up at all times.

Now let’s get to the actual cooking! Chefling can recommend recipes based on ingredients you already have. Then, when your hands are sticky with gingerbread cookie dough, and you’re not sure what comes next, Chefling connects with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa to keep you on track. Hands-free help? Yes please.

Taking things up a notch, Chefling recently launched its AI-technology called UltraConnect™, which can automate some smart appliances like ovens and refrigerators. Choose an online recipe for a Christmas ham and Chefling can automatically read the listing and preheat the oven to the exact temperature, just with a single tap on your phone. As more smart appliances are become household staples, apps like Chefling will make managing the extra technology ones less thing to stress about. In 2019, let’s spend less time laboring in the kitchen, and more time connecting with the people who matter most.

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