The AnyTask™ Platform Leverages Blockchain Technology for Growth

As we dig deeper into the digital age, the workforce industry is set to witness the rise of various trends, freelance one of those. For most people all over the world, going to the office to do the regular 9-5 is becoming a thing of the past. Presently, most industries now allow workers to handle Tasks from the comfort of their homes. In addition to reducing costs for organizations, working from home according to various studies has been said to increase efficiency and productivity. 

With 1.1 billion of the global workforce freelance workers, the market isn’t going down anytime soon. The advent of the novel coronavirus pandemic and the accompanying stay-at-home orders have helped push this budding market. 

With the market expected to grow by fourfold before the end of 2025, there’s a need for a blockchain-based and advanced project to push this market on the path of adoption. As a catalyst, ETN-Network, a unique project designed to empower a large number of people digitally, has launched the ecosystem. Leveraging blockchain technology, an immutable and transparent network, the ETN-Network and its sister business are on the mission to disrupt the existing freelance market which according to reports is expected to experience a massive boom in the coming years. 

With TV ads and social media campaigns, the AnyTask™ Platform’s users and total downloads continue to rise. 

The AnyTask™ Platform 

This is an advanced freelance platform that has been designed to offer freelancers an impressive and alluring platform to create tasks and get paid. With over 17,000 active sellers according to the website, this platform is home to a large number of clients, from all parts of the world. 

Over time, freelancers in developing countries have had to look for alternatives to the existing freelance platforms for several reasons. Unfortunately for some, their home countries do not receive PayPal payments. This will mean that they will have to look for other ways to receive payments for services rendered. Oftentimes, they’ve lost hundreds of dollars to hackers and individuals with malicious intent. According to these freelancers, the AnyTask™ Platform enables them to receive payments in the form of ETN token which is sent directly to their ETN wallet, offering faster and seamless payments and withdrawals.  

Another problem, however, is the increasing commission fees most freelance platforms require. Depending on the platform, most charge up to 20% of each payment made. This eats deep into the freelancer’s payment. Through Electroneum’s AnyTask™ Platform, freelancers will no longer have to pay commissions for each payment received. This may well disrupt the global freelance market. 

With graphics design, logo design, website layout, and SEO writing amongst the most popular categories on the AnyTask™ Platform, new categories and subcategories have been integrated, as stated by Cathy Jenkins, Head of Marketing at The latest category Gamers and Designers are followed by five subcategories and one subcategory, respectively. 

Social Media Campaigns and TV Ads 

With a clear vision to disrupt the existing freelance market, via social media campaigns and TV ads is experiencing massive success. 

One of these media campaigns is the non-fungible token [NFT] launch in consortium with a renowned crypto influencer [@Cryptofinally]. Designed by talented artist Khezzey, the promotion on Twitter surprisingly garnered an interaction of over 1,583. According to the platform, the promotion led to a 7% increase in Twitter followers, a feat that may look inconsequential to most people but isn’t to the emerging freelance platform. 

Through Electroneum’s ETN token which is accepted in over 140 countries, AnyTask™ Platform will empower the unbanked by offering them an opportunity to render services to clients and receive payments without a bank account.


With freelancers estimated to earn $19 on average per hour, the market as predicted by experts is on the path of widespread adoption, with the COVID-19 pandemic playing a major role. via the ETN token seeks to disrupt the global market.

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