The analysis of 3 new Crypto gems: MM72, REMEMBER and MISSION 1

Hundreds of new tokens and cryptocurrencies appear on the market every day. However, beyond the classic meme tokens and the infinite declinations based on DOGE or INU, there are few projects worthy of attention, which have characteristics to impact the markets with an added value. This week we have chosen 3, all mined on Binance Smart Chain and therefore BEP-20 tokens.

MM72 (ticker: MM72)

This utility token is representative of a project that has already made a lot of talk around the world. Launched on the markets less than a month ago, in a very short time it has dealt with 5 listings on CEX as well as being present on the DEX in

The peculiarity of this token and the attention that derives from it is due to the related planning. In fact, MM72 is the symbol of a long-term project aimed at declining the trillion-dollar Non-Performing Loan market in a Web3 version, applying it to the Crypto market. The project therefore plans to launch an innovative multiplier swap where junk coins can be converted (which MM72 has renamed “Non Performing Tokens”, a new term coined in the crypto world by MM72). The conversion would result in a huge benefit for users, which is the guarantee of a valuation that is 10 to 100 times higher than any other swap on the market. This is made possible by a proprietary algorithm that applies Air Drop marketing logic to the swap multiplier.

The token is currently at a very low value compared to the initial valuation, an excellent opportunity to buy a few million tokens with a few dollars waiting for a very probable pump that will come near the (imminent) release of the highly anticipated swap multiplier.

For this reason MM72 is to be considered a Gem.

Official website:


“The way to celebrate you, reinvented” reads on the official website of the REMEMBER token, which on Sunday 12 debuted on the CEX with a listing on the exchange The token is representative of a large project that first involves the construction of a metaverse, then a physical place or a park where you can customize each element to celebrate your life, your loved ones or whoever you want. A huge, complex project that features a detailed road map visible on the digital asset website.

The RMBR utility token represents both a funding instrument of the project itself and a payment instrument. Yes, because everything in the REMEMBER metaverse can only be purchased with the RMBR token.

As soon as Phase 2 is launched, it will be possible to purchase customized trees and green areas, bricks or slabs of floors, benches and seats and for the wealthiest wallets even customized fountains and statues.

A large, original project that aims to revolutionize the concept of commemoration and celebration both in a Web3 key and in the physical world. Yes, because already from phase 2 the team aims to select a large area where to physically build the first Remember Park in the world.

The token, in addition to the related projects, presents rewarding features for the holders. In fact, 4% of each transaction involving RMBR will be divided among the holders and a further 4% will be distributed in the liquidity pools.

RMBR has just been born and due to the peculiarity of the project and its potential it can now easily be a Gem to be kept in your digital wallet.

Official website:

MISSION 1 (ticker M01)

This token is different from all the others. Created by an investor community for investors it is a super deflationary token with 2% of each transaction resulting in a burning of M01.

This feature is accompanied by two others: a 1% marketing fee to allow the M01 Team to obtain automatic funding for the marketing expenses necessary for the optimal spread of the project and a 5% fee to be distributed to all holders.

The purpose of the M01 token is twofold.

1) That of constituting the Liquidity Provider of possible Gems identified to allow their pumping

2) A utility token to purchase visibility services for your digital asset through article marketing, dem and Seo services provided by Team M01.

M01 is certainly to be considered a Gem as both the aims of the Team are important tools for all teams involved in the development of cryptocurrency projects.

M01 has also just been mined and therefore can be an excellent opportunity to buy a quantity in your portfolio pending the first listing on CEX, already indicated in the Road Map of the project.

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