The Amazing Advisors behind the Velix™ Successful ICO and ID Project

The Velix project has shown prospects and viability, with a detailed advisory team on board. All of the project advisors are expatriate personnel who have worked extensively in various fields, relevant to the Velix frictionless identity verification project, driven on a blockchain. 

With the proliferation of ICOs and blockchain-mounted projects that require investor funding at some phase of actualization, there has been a renewed call for the need to verify the authenticity and feasibility of the projects before making an investment. A number of indices have been suggested, with a dissection of the project advisors, standing as one of the key things to consider. It is assumed, that any ICO asking for your money, must be able to present a team of project developers and/or advisors with a traceable proven record; this is very important, as it goes a long way in telling the investors what to expect; whether to invest or not.

The importance of a capable advisory team for this project and for the investors cannot be overemphasized. Here is a list of the Velix.ID advisors with their antecedent involvements and achievements in areas of interest:

  • Simon Dixon ( Investment advisor)

Mr Simon is an ex-investment banker with a very impressive feat in financial investments. He has a degree from the Manchester business school, and is the co-founder and CEO of http://www.bnktothefuture.coman online investment platform whose ICO raised a whooping $33 million dollars in just 33 seconds (an average of $1 million dollar per second); to date, the platform has over $280 million dollars in investments. He has also served as an advisory member for the polymath ICO. He is a popular face on the cryptocurrency exchange markets, and a force to reckon with.

You can connect with him on his LinkedIn page

  • Mickael Fourgeaud (Investment advisor)

He has experience in business, R&D, productization, and a whole lot of technology stuff. He is the brain behind Primablock- a smart contract as a service (SMAAS) company for investment pools. Connect and see more on his LinkedIn

  • Tony Simonovsky (project management advisor)

Tony gathered experience from doing several businesses, to include some 14 years in digital marketing. He is a chief when it comes to successful ICO marketing. Here is his LinkedIn profile

  • Mohit Kalra (Strategic advisor)

Mohit is CEO of He is one of the very first introducers and miners of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in India. He is actively into digital currencies development. Check his profile here

  • Manan Mehta (Strategic advisor)

He is CEO at Infinite assets; focused on technological funding. He has also worked as a team member of several ICO projects. Check all of his achievements

  • Simon Choi (Legal advisor)

Simon Choi is a vast legal luminary, who is also a professor of law. He graduated with degrees from Peking university, University of London, and University of Hong Kong. He has practiced Chinese and international trade law, finance, merger and acquisition, amongst others for over 20 years. This is also not his first job as an ICO advisor. Professor Choi is definitely on linkedin

  • Simon Noonan (Project technical advisor)

Simon Noonan ( LinkedIn) has been in the field of business and technology for over 18 years. He is CLO at Sportsbet™, where he is charged with the responsibility of overseeing everything platform function. He is a great personnel asset for the team.

  • Peter O’Neill (Strategic advisor) (LinkedIn)

Peter carries the Velix vision well, as he is the founder of and which are renowned buyer-2-buyer IT security platforms.

  • Julian Smith (Blockchain advisor) (Linkedin)

Julian has worked for over ten years in software engineering. He founded the Blockfreight global shipping and logistics platform that works on a blockchain.

With the Velix team of advisors all looking great, it is obvious that the cryptocurrency space has found the next big thing.

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