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The Alginate Dressings Market to imbibe healthy growth by innovation

The Healthcare vertical to take Alginate Dressings Market by Storm

According to Persistence Market Research, the global alginate dressings market will witness a CAGR of 4% between 2021 and 2031.

Alginate is primarily sourced from brown seaweeds. The other commercial sources include Durvillaea, Turbinaria, Sargassum, Ecklonia, Lessonia, Ascophyllum, and Macrocystis. The largest producers of seaweeds include China, Chile, and Norway.

Alginate Dressings Market Dispersion

By type, the alginate dressings market spans High G and High M. By product, it’s calcium, sodium, potassium, propylene glycol, and likewise. Application-wise, it’s food and beverages (confectionery, bakery, meat products, dairy products, sauces & dressings, beverages, and others), pharmaceutical, industrial, and others. Out of these, industrial holds the largest market share, followed by food and beverages. Also, alginate is an ingredient in the wax papers, which does help in placing wax on paper. In the pharmaceutical industry, it helps in enabling controlled release of the medicines in drugs and also as disintegrant.

By product, calcium alginate dressings are being used at a larger scale in wound care. Europe and North America have approved alginate as anti-foaming agent all across the food industry. The food products’ viscosity could also be increased by it being used as thickener. Potassium alginate helps in reducing levels of cholesterol and blood sugar in the human beings. Sodium alginate is used for making jellies, whipped cream, and sauces. As such, it makes way for superlative dairy products.

High G is preferred to High M as the former one is abreast with guluronic acid blocks having a broad spectrum of applications in pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics verticals. M type is preferred in yogurts, ice-creams, and beers.

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By Geography

North America holds a significant market share due to matured food and beverages and pharmaceutical verticals herein. Also, the fact that the US is home to several players in alginate dressings market can’t be ignored. Europe is led by the UK, France, and Germany. The food processing industry herein rules the roost. The Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the fastest rate in the upcoming period. At present, it holds more than 35% of the market share due to raw materials being easily available in India and China.

The Calculated Competition

The key participants in alginate dressings market include 3M Co., Smith & Nephew Plc, CoonvaTec Group Plc, Coloplast A/S/, BSN Medical GmbH, B. Braun Melsungen AG, and Molynlycke Healthcare. Smith & Nephew Plc has its alginate dressings in the form of “ALGISITE M” and “ACTICOAT Absorbent”.

The Road Ahead

The acceptance of alginate dressings on the part of food industry is bound to increase exponentially in the forecast period. Applications in the form of gelling agent, emulsifier, and thickening agent have already received a “go ahead” from the European Commission and the US FDA.

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