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The AI Takeover: How Artificial Intelligence Is Moving Across the Business Sphere

The AI Takeover: How Artificial Intelligence Is Moving Across the Business Sphere

The Current Buzz Around Artificial Intelligence

No matter your profession, there is one thing on everyone’s lips in the current climate, and that is Artificial Intelligence. From ChatGPT to AI-infused Instagram stories, the buzz is undeniable and was bound to cause contention in some areas, see The Writers Guild Stikes in the USA.  Utilizing an AI Voice Generator to enhance your TikTok content amplifies the impact of social proof. TikTok views, when combined with the synthesized voice generated by AI, serve as a compelling indicator of social proof, signaling to viewers that your content is worth watching. A high view count on your videos, coupled with the captivating AI-generated voice, sparks intrigue and captures the attention of potential viewers, instilling confidence in the quality of your content. The perception of social proof, bolstered by the engaging AI Voice Generator, encourages users to engage with your videos and explore more of your content. Although a looming threat for some, others have embraced artificial intelligence, and we will be looking at four different businesses weaving AI into their customary practices and reaping the benefits.

High Digital: Leveraging Machine Learning for Data Products

Oliver Makereth, founder of High Digital, a London-based software development business focusing on data products, explains their relationship with AI. “Research and development for clients and our products have been focused on AI for some time now. Generative AI is a hot topic, but we have seen more benefits to us and our clients’ BI and data products from machine learning. We have helped clients gain valuable insights from data by optimising BI using DS/ML to deliver quicker and more accurate Anomaly Detection, Segmentation, Simulations, Optimisations, and Recommender Systems. As an AI-adjacent, and less sexy, service we have seen a significant uptick in our data integration services – which we think will become a more notable and fundamental technology in this space.” In the area of digital transformation and data integration, as pointed out by Mackereth, AI will only enhance the process and see significant improvements to operations such as data collection and implementation for customer experience and beyond.

Finalrentals: Using AI for Dynamic Pricing and Customer Experience

But when we branch out from the purely digital, how can AI be implemented in industries which may be considered an unlikely party for such tools? Introducing Ammar Akhtar of Finalrentals “AI will play a pivotal role for businesses in future and most businesses will be using it to make decisions, identify key trends and predict the future. The car rental industry is no different and it is vital to implement AI in our industry because not only can it help the consumer but will also help the business owner reach optimum productivity. We use AI to implement important projects, such as dynamic pricing, as well as data analysis and trends, which is pivotal to making the most out of the fleet, as well as providing the best real-time prices to our customers. We are also working on language models to create a bot that will work and behave just like a car rental agent will do at the counter. AI is the heart and soul of our organisation.” As proved by Akhtar, artificial intelligence takes a pivotal role across the board.

Micro-grid Management for Stable Energy Supply

From car rental to renewable energy, its influence is far-ranging and hopefully will assist in planet sustainability. Dominic Mangles of Solapave is at the forefront of this, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a pivotal role in advancing energy efficiency and accelerating the global shift towards renewable energy sources. One remarkable application of AI in this arena is Solapave, a cutting-edge technology that exemplifies AI’s transformative potential. Solapave harnesses AI algorithms to optimise the placement and configuration of solar panels on roads and pavements. By analysing geographic data, weather patterns, and energy demand, Solapave determines the most efficient locations for solar installations, ensuring maximum energy generation. This innovation minimises land use conflicts and makes use of existing infrastructure, reducing the environmental impact of solar projects. Furthermore, AI-driven predictive maintenance has drastically improved our maintenance scheduling. By analysing vast streams of data from weather patterns, user frequency and our data from our Solapave panels and battery storage systems, AI identifies potential faults before they become critical, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. In our micro-grid management, AI facilitates the integration of intermittent renewable sources, such as wind and solar, into the energy mix by optimising energy storage and distribution. This ensures a stable and efficient energy supply, even during periods of low renewable energy production. In summary, AI, through technologies like Solapave, is revolutionising the energy sector by enhancing efficiency, increasing renewable energy adoption, and mitigating environmental impacts. These innovations are pivotal in the transition towards a sustainable and greener energy future.”

AI for Personalized Learning Experiences

We then circle back to the beginning and the more traditional uses of artificial intelligence, which proves to be excellent evidence of how AI can forward the campaign for inclusivity and diversity in a heavily male industry. Athena FundX Empowers Women in Tech through AI Innovation, as they advise, “Athena FundX is leading a transformative journey in the tech entrepreneurship realm, championing gender diversity. At its core, the “1 Million Women In Tech Entrepreneurship” initiative leverages AI via its WhatsApp-based platform to deliver personalised learning experiences. Through machine learning approaches, women are accelerating their entrepreneurship journeys in the tech sector. Beyond education, Athena FundX leverages AI for alternative credit scoring. This approach has not only empowered women entrepreneurs but has also fostered better borrowing habits, creating a win-win scenario. Angie Madara, Founding Partner of Athena FundX, underscores AI’s pivotal role in tech’s future, vowing to empower women in this space. Teaming up with the Swedish A.I. Association, Athena FundX is curating free AI learning content that will benefit 1 million female entrepreneurs globally. This visionary initiative exemplifies Athena FundX’s unwavering commitment to women’s empowerment and shaping a more inclusive tech future.” This therefore exemplifies how AI can help to create a more equalising society.

AI as a Creative Enhancer

When it comes to the accelerating growth of artificial intelligence, opinions tend to fall on one side or the other: a destroyer of creativity, or the best thing since sliced bread. No matter which side you fall on, it is inevitably the future, and the answer often falls squarely in the middle. AI is an excellent tool, but indeed not the answer to everything. When used responsibly and creatively, it can enhance careers and companies, as proved by the above business leaders embracing AI for the excellent utensil it is.

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