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The Advantages of Online Summer School

At around this time of year, most students have already filed away their textbooks, zipped their pencil cases and hung their backpacks somewhere in the recesses of their bedroom closet. But for those high school students looking for a competitive edge in university admissions, or students who wish to build on their education in between traditional semesters, this time of year isn’t about putting things away. It’s about doubling down on education. 

Online summer school at a reputable institution like Ontario eSecondary School is a fantastic way to advance one’s academic goals in a flexible, non-distracting, accommodating environment. This article rounds up a few critical advantages of an online summer education to help you make the choice. 

Students Can Get Ahead – Or Catch Up

The most popular reason high school students choose online summer school is to advance their academic standing ahead of post-secondary applications. And students can achieve this advancement in one of two ways: by working ahead, or catching up through retake courses. 

In the first instance, students may choose to start the following year’s courses over the summer. For example, a student fresh from Grade 11 can take a Grade 12 U-level Math or English course over the summer. This places the student on track to complete high school earlier (or with a lighter Grade 12 course load) so they can get a jump on post-secondary applications. 

In the second instance, a student can decide to amend a previous grade. As an example, a grade 11 student with a B-minus standing in chemistry can retake the course as an “upgrade course” (a condensed version of the full-semester class). With an improved mark, the student can feel more confident submitting transcripts to post-secondary institutions. 

Flexible, Self-Paced Studies Let Students Balance Fun and Learning

Some students balk at the idea of summer school because they believe it’s like regular classroom education. But it isn’t – at least not online summer schools. 

Online education is self-paced and flexible. Students work at their own speed and according to their own schedule. If a student wants to take three or four days off for a trip to the lake with friends, they’re free to do so. The online education model is completely individualized. 

In this way, online summer schools let students have the summer they want – the summer they deserve. All while they work toward a better academic standing. 

Students Can Avoid Summer Learning Loss (And Pick Up a Few New Skills Along the Way)

Experts define summer learning loss as the backsliding skillsets and informational retention incurred during the long hiatus from school. Over the two-month holidays, students can forget key concepts in math, backslide in their critical reading skills, etc. 

Online summer school bridges the gap. It allows students to stay sharp by reviewing these important concepts ahead of the coming school year. Moreover, online education fosters several ancillary skills: time management, digital communication, self-motivation, administrative organization and many more. These pivotal soft skills come in handy later in life, in both post-secondary and professional careers. 

If you’re keen to stay sharp, get ahead and still have a fun summer, consider online summer school. Unlike traditional schools, there’s no deadline for application. And you can complete the courses as quickly or slowly as you like. 

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