The Advantages of Learning Quran Online: Embracing Modern Technology

Learning to recite Quran, to memorize Quran, and to understand the Quran is a routine matter for every believer. It is a part of every believer’s faith. As the Quran is the holy book for Muslims around the globe. In the past, Masajid and madaris confined the learning of Quran.. There were only three ways to get the Quranic education;

  1. The way of learning the Quran was through Masajid and Madaris. People used to send their kids to the nearby Masjid. The Qari sahib teaches the Quran too many kids at a time. This practice was quite successful, but it was time taking. The kids have to go to the masjid to learn the Quran.
  2. The second way of learning the Quran was through learning the Quran at schools. Some of the prominent schools teach the Quran, along with school subjects. This was one of the most common ways to learn the Quran.
  3. The third method of learning the Quran was through the home tutor. People used to hire home tutors who came home and teach the Quran to kids.

Learning the Quran Online with Modern Technology:

All the methods mentioned above have gone outdated now. Today is the age of science and technology. Everything has changed to the maximum degree. The last 10 to 15 years have brought revolutionary changes in whole world. Everything has got digitalized. The same is the case with the learning and education system. Education and learning have mainly shifted to online. The Quran learning has got digitalized. As technology is advancing, learning the Quran from the comfort of your home is now easy. It is now a common practice to learn the Quran online. Many online Quran institutes work around the globe. QuranHost is the pioneer institute in the online field. We established our institutes in 2011 when there were hardly a few online institutes working internationally.

Advantages of Learning Quran Online:

Traditional learning of the Quran has its benefits, but learning the Quran online has many benefits. Some of them are as follows;


The most important advantage of online Quran learning is its convenience. Both the students and teachers indulge in learning in a convenient environment. The students learn from the comfort of their homes. They can attend their class from any corner of the world. This feature can be beneficial for people with busy schedules. This can be a comfortable thing for people living in remote areas.


Another useful feature of online Quran learning is the flexibility of time and space. You can attend the online Quran class whenever he wants. Online Quran institutes

offer their classes 24/7. You can sit in the class in your comfort. You can choose the time of your online Quran class. You can attend the class from anywhere.


Online Quran classes are more easily affordable than regular classes. The fee structure of online Quran academies is mostly cost-effective. Online Quran academies are more affordable because you can save transportation expenses, as you don’t have to leave home. You can attend the Quran classes from home.

Time Saving:

Online Quran learning is timesaving in the genuine sense of the world. You don’t have to leave home for your class. You don’t have to travel anywhere to learn the Quran. This saves time a lot. You can adjust Quran classes to fit your busy schedule. Despite your busy daily routine, you can find time to learn and understand the Quran.. You can avail this facility only in online Quran learning.

Access to More Qualified Teachers:

In the traditional way of learning, you can approach only a few teachers available in the institute. You can seek guidance from only the teachers living in your nearby area. But when you learn the Quran from an online institute, you can seek guidance from highly qualified teachers from all over the world. You can learn and understand the Quran from native Arab teachers, from any part of the world.

Quality of Education:

You can get a quality education from an online institute. Online institutes are bound to provide quality education as they get online reviews from their clients. You can judge their performance easily through reviews and testimonials. So they have to maintain their standard of education. Another advantage of online Quran academies is that they can hire highly skilled teachers from anywhere in the world. So they usually have high international-level teachers for their clients to ensure quality education.


The parents of little kids have many insecurities while allowing their kids to leave home. But in online learning, this insecurity comes to an end. Kids don’t need to leave their homes for their Quran class. They attend their class from the comfort of their home. So this method of Quran learning is very secure for little kids.


Online Quran learning is the latest trend that people are following. This method of learning the Quran is much more beneficial. This process is more convenient, secure, and affordable. Online Quran learning is more fruitful as compared to the traditional method of learning the Quran. QuranHost has brought a marvelous opportunity for you to learn Quran online. You can join the institute and attend a free trial class. Join QuranHost to get all the advantages mentioned above.


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