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The Adult Film Industry is All Set for a Revolution with the Launch of MoonApp

MoonApp, an interactive web3.0 streaming blockchain platform launches as a decentralized adult films launchpad. Adult films have long been a major industry with billions of dollars in revenue. However, the trend, of late, has been a little upsetting for most, given the fall in profits. It’s primarily due to the changing user preferences, the emergence of streaming websites and apps, and, subsequently, the reduced sales of adult CDs/DVDs. At this point, users consume adult content on mobile phones and computers from the comfort of their homes. So, it’s imperative that every platform fully caters to these requirements and, at the same time, provides incentives to the creators, which includes the production team, actors, camera operators, and others involved in the process. This led to the creation and launch of MoonApp, a platform that will act as a decentralized launchpad for adult content.

MoonApp has a very simple and straightforward concept, which is to aid the creation of adult films, make them easily accessible to the public, and ensure that the creators benefit from it, which wasn’t the case earlier. MoonApp intends to bridge the gap between the creator and the consumer and has developed an advanced system where both stand to benefit considerably. The platform will lead to market expansion and drive both investments and revenue. Here are some of the benefits of MoonApp:

Anonymity: When it comes to consuming adult content, anonymity is a non-negotiable condition for many. And no one knows it better than MoonApp. Here, the user’s identity is hidden by employing an extensive network of proxy servers and redirects. 

Exclusivity: MoonApp hosts content posted only by the creators, which ensures complete exclusivity. Users will only find the best adult content here and also get the option to choose their favorites which helps MoonApp rank them accordingly. This further aids a user in identifying the best in no time.

Option to chat: MoonApp has a dedicated chat box for members to actively engage in real-time while streaming content. It will help users form communities of like-mine individuals, share content and recommendations, and further engage on a daily basis. MoonApp is a De-Fi (Decentralized Finance) platform, and participation from the community is a must here.

Directly tip the creator: Users often find themselves in situations where they want to tip the creator, but there’s no option for that on most streaming platforms. There are two reasons. First, the content is usually not posted directly by the creator, and second, the platform hosting it, in most cases, can’t establish direct contact with the team behind the content. But that’s not the case with MoonApp. It allows users to directly tip the creator, crew, or publisher in a matter of seconds. All tips would be in the platform’s native token, $XXX.

MoonApp is in the early stages but, surprisingly, has, so far, received a tremendous response, both from the creator and the users. More content is added regularly to the platform, ensuring the best experience for the users. MoonApp has more than 10,000 registered and active users, 1000+ downloads, and over 3 million views on the content hosted on the platform. The user-centric governance model and the exciting rewards up for grabs are the primary reasons behind the success.

About $XXX, MoonApp’s governance token

$XXX, an ERC-20 token, is native to the MoonApp platform, will drive all transactions, and will power the economy. The total supply of $XXX is capped at 1,500,000,000, but not all of it will be released in one go. Instead, it will follow a pattern of regular unlocking over a period of 24 months.

The token has already been audited by Cyberscope, one of the leading authorities in the crypto space and the audit report looks very promising. 

MoonApp will hold the Seed Sale for $XXX on October 31, 2022, where 8% of the total supply, or 120,000,000 tokens, will be available for $0.006 each. MoonApp’s goal is to raise $720,000 during the seed sale, and given the response from the community, it’s likely to be achieved without much trouble.

For those who haven’t yet joined MoonApp, it’s the perfect moment! Register today, and do not forget the acquire $XXX during the Seed Sale while the prices are still low.

To find out more about MoonApp, visit the official website

Also, follow MoonApp on all social and interactive channels to stay updated with the latest developments and releases.




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