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The Accessories That Will Help You Maintain and Use Your Wood Fire

Despite the convenience of natural gas and electricity, wood is still a popular choice in many Australian homes. Many people find the sight of bright orange flames and the cracking sound of burning wood exciting.

The quality of your wood, the accessories you have, and your skills determine how your wood burns. With the right balance of these factors, you can heat a huge area effectively.

Read on to discover how these accessories for wood fire can help you heat larger spaces.

Wood Heater Hearth

A hearth is an incombustible material placed below your heater to protect your floor against fire damage. Ideally, the hearth should overlap to prevent burns caused by sparks from your heater. It also lowers the risk of injury resulting from charred firewood and scratches.

Beyond protection, a quality hearth makes your room more attractive because it allows the heater to match your existing decor. They’re also useful to outdoor wood pizza ovens because they expand the working area, improve accessibility, and keep the fire away from the grass.

Wood Oven Heat Shield

As the name suggests, a heat shield protects the adjacent walls from heat damage. Wood heaters generate a lot of heat that can damage walls made using combustible material. Like hearths, heat shields enhance your oven’s appearance while improving safety standards.

Heat shields allow you to mount your wood ovens closer to the wall. For example, an oven with a shield must be at least two meters from the wall to prevent heat damage. On the contrary, you can place a shielded oven less than fifty centimeters from the wall without any concerns. Essentially, heat shields enable you to use floor space optimally without compromising heating efficiency and safety.

Glass Oven Doors

Installing glass doors is an excellent way of protecting your home against the potential hazards of wood-fired ovens. Glass doors allow you to enjoy the sight and sound of crackling flames while preventing damage caused by flying sparks and flints. Also, glass ensures the air inside your home is pure by redirecting smoke through the chimney.

Wood Fire Pokers

Fire pokers are long pieces of metal that allow you to keep the fire burning from a safe distance. Most pokers are made of fireproof materials and have an insulated handle to increase safety during use.

A fire poker allows you to safely move unburnt wood pieces into the fire. When the fire hits, you can use the poker to spread out the fuel and reduce the blaze’s intensity.

Final Words

As seen above, wood fire accessories are crucial to improving your heater’s efficiency and enhancing safety. For example, hearths and heat shields protect your floor and walls against fire damage. Fire pokers give you better control over the flames, increasing or reducing intensitutilizeutilise your wood fire heaters best, it’s time to invest in these accessories. Besides improving overall safety, you’ll make significant savings on fuel.

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