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The 7 Most Effective Methods Your Business Can Use To Communicate (and Why)


We always hear about the importance of communicating with your customers, but the fact is that learning to communicate with the right type of customers is about the right methods. If you wanted to communicate directly with your customers 25 years ago, you could only do it through three methods: phone, mail, or in person. Technology has, of course, meant that we can now use emails to message customers and much more, but what really are the best methods of communicating with a customer? While some of these may seem simple, every single one is so important as part of your comprehensive communication strategy. 

Text Messaging

Text messaging covers several disciplines. These days, it can also cover WhatsApp. And as a business, if you want to communicate with your customers directly, text messages, and specifically WhatsApp, is a fantastic way to gain insights while also communicating on a personal level. WhatsApp Business API is one platform that has made significant leaps in recent years, and the WhatsApp Business API pricing structure has made it easier for businesses to actually engage in this platform. Specifically using WhatsApp means you can directly instigate a conversation. Typical text messaging doesn’t necessarily allow this, because many people only respond to surveys or questionnaires. Although text messaging is, in many ways, a one-sided approach to marketing, that’s not to say it is ineffective. But WhatsApp is just the next level. 


Yes, it seems old-fashioned, however, in terms of marketing, it is one of the best ways to connect with your customers. It still has the highest engagement rate of any marketing practice out there. Because if you’ve got a new offer or product, email is one of the best ways to send personalized messages and newsletters. What’s more, email is the perfect method for your customers to get back in contact with you in a way that suits them. Whether they need to make a complaint or they have to order new products, email is such a vital component of your business communication strategy, but it seems that it’s been taken over by social media. The reality is that email is still number one when it comes to engaging with customers. 

Web Chat

Not every customer wants to speak to a representative over the phone. Chat options have a wide variety of uses because it’s not just a way for customers to communicate with you in a method that suits them, but it’s also an amazing way for you to start streamlining your processes. Incorporating automated chatbots is one example where you can build a rapport with a customer or, at the very least, solve their problems without needing human help. Because many customers have the same type of problems, if you have your representatives answering the same types of questions in person 9 times out of 10, you can use chatbots as the first line of defense. This means that the problem could be solved before a customer service representative needs to step in. Either way, you are making life easier for yourself and you can take advantage of automation. 

The Website

Your website is so important as your customer will rely on your website for information, but as far as communication is concerned it doesn’t have to be about engaging with customers. A website is one of the best methods of covering so many different bases. Of course, there are the Contact Us buttons as well as call-to-actions, but we have to remember that customers will rely on websites for information. Websites, when designed right, allow customers to have complete control over the purchasing process. Because an order can come with a unique tracking number and vital information on the product, you don’t necessarily need human help if the webpage they want gives them all the information they need, which is where an FAQ section is invaluable. Customers need as much information as possible on your services. Rather than them picking up the telephone to get in contact with you, having the website cover every single eventuality through the FAQ section will make life easier. 

The Telephone

We still can’t neglect the telephone as the means to effective communication. But modern phone technology means you can incorporate automated menus to provide a number of answers to customer queries. It also means that your customer can reach the right department. Yes, many customers complain about this type of technology, but it’s one of the best ways for you to connect with customers quickly. Additionally, callback technology can make life even easier because your customers don’t need to sit on hold. Telephones are essential, but half of the problem is that when customers are left on hold, they are slowly building up their anger which is only going to be vented at the customer service representative at the other end! So instead, if you want to eliminate hang-ups and complaints, having the right technology can make your business more streamlined but it can also work towards customer satisfaction. 

Video Messaging

This has become one of the most important methods, especially in the medical sector. Because video messaging platforms allow you to connect to the customer via video, allowing you to build relationships and make certain components easier. As customers may want to speak to someone face-to-face but don’t have the means, this is an amazing way to bridge the gap. 

Social Media

Last but not least, social media has created an amazing way for us to interact with customers. And using the right social media platforms can engage with customers within the right demographics. Of course, platforms like Twitter have dedicated hashtags so customers can make direct contact with you with minimal effort. It’s also an amazing way for you to monitor how your business interacts with customers, but also you can respond to their problems quickly. Social media allows us to be more responsive than ever. 

If you want to communicate effectively with customers, these are all methods we have to use, but it’s about making sure we use the right ones in the right situation.

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