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The 6 best luxury wellness retreats to head to by private jet

Luxury wellness retreats and private jet travel are perfect bedfellows for the frazzled professional, so saddle up and head for the skies!

Luxury wellness retreats represent the ultimate in indulgent self-care. Why stop there, though? No amount of de-stressing massage oils can unwind you enough to deal with the kid that’s itching to destroy the back of your seat on the return flight. Private jet travel guarantees that the sumptuous wellness experience begins just after boarding, and doesn’t end until you touch down back home.

It’s agreed, then: private jet travel is the only choice when getting to your luxury healing retreat. Before we rent a private plane from a reputable air charter broker, though, we’d better pick a destination. Let’s take a look at some of the top wellness retreats in the world – after all, if you’re going for luxury, only the best will do. 

BodyHoliday, St Lucia

BodyHoliday proudly boasts “give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind.” Sinister promotional sentence aside (I’m not schizophrenic, I just want a foot rub!), they offer some of the most recognizable luxury wellness retreat clichés that one could ask for. Dermatology clinics, yoga classes, 0-calorie meals – it’s all available, but the niche here is that these spa retreat standards come alongside a stunning beach setting. 

If you dream of an indulgent massage followed by a dip in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, contact your private jet travel company and tell them that you’re heading to BodyHoliday. They even have a dermatology center, so if you’ve spent too long sunbathing in the stunning surroundings you can be nursed back to form by a team of professionals!

Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

What is it with these luxury wellness retreats and their marketing departments? Call me old-fashioned, but I’d have gone with “Good Ragaz” at the very least. Would-be travelers should move past the first word in its name – “Bad” Ragaz is anything but. 

Intentional misunderstandings aside, “bad” in German of course means “bath,” and Alpine waters cascade down from nearby mountains to provide this resort with world-renowned spas. Pair these pools with a catalog of available wellness procedures – including dental care, Chinese medicine, and an entire department devoted to vascular therapy – and you can guarantee that any of the travelers who accompany you on your private jet rental will leave this luxury wellness retreat relaxed, renewed, and rejuvenated.

Ananda, India

Wellness doesn’t have to be synonymous with relaxation and inactivity, however – as Ananda demonstrates. If what your body needs to recuperate is a grueling hike through the Indian Himalayas, you might be in the right place (you might also be insane, incidentally). Soak those weary feet in luxurious spa pools after having them pored over by world-renowned physiotherapists and massaged until they’re good as new.

This unique combination of traditional luxury wellness retreat procedures and treatments paired with a stunning setting in the world’s premier mountainous region sets Ananda apart from its competition. This locale also has the added benefit of guaranteeing that the view from the window of your private jet as you come in to land will be among the best in the world!

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

If you’ve read everything so far and thought “that all seems great, but it’s just too intricate and fancy for me,” then Blue Lagoon is your go-to. Blending ascetic Scandinavian modernism with the focus on wellness that characterizes any good luxury healing retreat – and hot springs, lots of hot springs – Blue Lagoon is a truly unique experience.

For a place that’s so futuristic (it does look like a Blade Runner set in places), Blue Lagoon’s promise to help you “unwind the clock of modern life” might suggest an eye on the past. Any notion of a retro feel is instantly dispelled, though, upon encountering the cutting-edge facilities and treatments on offer, guaranteeing a razor-sharp focus on ensuring that well-being is achieved. When your private jet rental arrives in Iceland, you can be certain that that won’t be the last ultra-futuristic piece of kit that you’ll encounter during your stay.

Chiva-Som, Thailand

Now to the other end of the spectrum. If you want all the bells and whistles, and some extra to go with them, then your private jet should already be fueling ready for departure to Chiva-Som. Reader’s Choice magazine’s title of “best destination spa resort in the world” is not given lightly, but Chiva-Som’s 2021 success proves that we’re now in the territory of serious luxury. Paired with its stunning environments, world-class service, and an armada of departments devoted to the satisfaction of its guests, Chiva-Som deploys an almost militaristic focus on wellbeing.

A cursory glance at any of their holistic escape options has one wading through detailed itineraries that promise a “sanctuary where enrichment thrives and lives change.” These grand promises might seem a little overbearing at times, but this is a luxury wellness retreat that can deliver. This hard-earned global reputation is sure to attract other like-minded travelers, and you can be sure that you won’t be the only private jet arriving in Thailand with passengers bound for Chiva-Som.

Mountain Trek, Canada

If reading the workout itineraries at Chiva-Som has piqued your interest in luxury health retreats with an eye on activity, then the Mountain Trek fitness retreat and health spa are your destination. Unlike Ananda, which only half commits to the outdoors and retains a strong focus on the traditional spa experience, Mountain Trek – as the name suggests – is all-in on altitude. 

“Daily hikes through the stunning mountains of British Columbia” are no doubt the main reason to choose Mountain Trek, but there’s also a team of nutritionists, yoga instructors, and spa staff on hand to help replenish the weary-limbed back to strength. Mountain Trek was voted the US and Canada’s best health retreat in 2019, and rented private aircraft have room on board for all the gear you need, so lace up those boots and stride towards the summit!

Hopefully, you’ve made two key decisions by now: where you’re going, and how you’re getting there. Whichever luxury wellness retreat you’ve chosen from the above, you’re now going to need to select a private jet rental provider to whisk you away to your escape. 

Whether you’re planning the trip of a lifetime or just a quick relaxing getaway, you don’t want to risk souring the experience – and ruining the hard work of all of those staff who’ve helped you unwind – by going through the stressful process of dealing with an unprofessional private jet charter company when organizing your aircraft rental.

Your last decision, then, is who to entrust with the responsibility of providing you with a private jet charter experience that’s as stress-free as the hot springs at your destination. Step forward Skyllence. Their expertise, diligence, and care will ensure that your journey towards relaxation begins the second you first contact them, and doesn’t end until long after you’ve arrived back home – or first thing on the following Monday morning, in my case!

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