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The 6 Best Last Mile Delivery Software Solutions In 2022

Customer products and services are delivered to customers at the last mile after they leave the last transportation hub. Deliveries are driven by this final leg, which is the most crucial and central aspect of the business.

Logistics companies often face last-mile delivery challenges as part of their operation. Today, there are many last-mile delivery software options on the market, making solving this problem much easier.

The purpose of this article is to present some of the best last mile delivery software on the market. 

Last Mile Delivery Software: What is it?

A business must choose a solution that can manage large volumes of customers and their orders during this expensive delivery process. The last mile of a customer’s purchase is handled by final-mile deliveries.

Many stops and routes must be covered by delivery drivers for last-mile delivery to be complicated and costly. Consequently, software solutions suited to this purpose encompass a wide range of features and are highly advanced. Therefore, let’s explore the top six software’s in more detail.

Top 6 Last Mile Delivery Software 

Following are the six best last mile delivery software’s you might need to know.

1. Upper Route Planner

Last mile delivery is a challenge that Upper Route Planner solves (last-mile delivery app). The software includes route planning, route optimization, quick dispatching, robust reporting, and much more to cater to all the needs of businesses.

Aside from improving business productivity and operational efficiency, Upper Route Planner is a cost-effective investment.

Among all other routes planners, Upper Route Planner offers the following features:

  • One-click dispatch
  • Excel importing
  • Route scheduling
  • Robust reporting

2. Dispatch Science

Deliveries are managed with dispatch science, a software that focuses on the customer. Artificial intelligence powers this last-mile delivery software, which streamlines carriers and shippers’ delivery operations. A number of business-friendly features are included in Dispatch Science, including the ability to handle the entire customer journey, the ability to communicate better with delivery agents, and the ability to process and dispatch orders quickly.

In addition, modern customers have access to a self-service portal, which increases their satisfaction and reduces costs for businesses. Delivery status can be communicated more effectively between dispatchers and drivers. For better accuracy and to build trust, delivery agents can view their commissions and earnings in real-time. As the algorithm plans optimal and efficient routes, orders can be dispatched seamlessly.

3. Mile Now

Water distribution companies use Mile’s specialized delivery software to distribute water. Dubai’s renowned water companies relied on Mile for the most complex delivery operations. With several successful implementations under its belt, Mile expanded into courier and on-demand delivery industries. With the maturity of this solution, it can be used by multiple tenants, cross verticals, cross industries, and be used globally. Payment gateways and ERP solutions can easily be integrated with it. 

In addition, it is fully localized and tax-compatible. In addition, they offer Multi Vendor Marketplace Apps and Single Store Apps, which are successfully implemented across over 20 countries. 

For businesses involved in delivery and commerce, Mile offers comprehensive solutions. mCommerce, quick commerce, and multi vendor marketplaces are among the use cases of our SaaS platform. 

  • Delivery Management Software
  • Multi Vendor Marketplace
  • Single Store Solution
  • Integration Hub

4. Tookan

Businesses can make last-mile delivery easy with Tookan. In terms of managing and operating all last-mile delivery operations, it is the simplest solution. With Tookan’s web dashboard, all information can be viewed in one place. Customizing your business activities using field templates is also possible. 

With Tookan logistics, you can track and manage same-day deliveries to improve the performance of your supply chain. To help field agents and drivers work efficiently, the mobile app functions as a guide. As well as optimizing routes, the Tookan app also allows field agents to capture proof of delivery, receive notifications and reminders, navigate easily, and generate barcodes.

Several key Tookan features are only offered as add-ons or extensions. Agents or drivers can receive alerts, for instance. If you don’t need additional features, this app is perfect for you.

5. Onro

With Onro, you can simplify last-mile delivery with yet another powerful platform. Onro is one of today’s best technology competitors because of its customizable software and advanced delivery features. Order management and highly customizable software are some of its features. Your brand’s aesthetic can be reflected in this last-mile delivery software.

Dispatchers, drivers, managers, and customers are key players in the order management process. The application is accessible to different stakeholders in different ways. You can view and manage prices in the app’s pricing feature. Numerous parameters are taken into account when calculating the cost, including fleet vehicles, distance, and surcharges.

6. Scurri

Business owners can benefit greatly from Scurri’s final mile delivery software, including label generation for shipping and third-party integration. Increased efficiency, real-time order tracking, and improved customer satisfaction are all features that business owners find helpful with Scurri.

In addition to increasing retail efficiency, Scurri reduces operating costs for eCommerce retailers. Live order tracking is available with Scurri (real-time visibility). Through the logs, business owners can evaluate specific pain points and improve last-mile delivery processes by evaluating speed, cost, and other metrics. With real-time updates, customers will be able to stay up-to-date with all the latest developments.

Final thoughts

Taking care of costly last-mile delivery operations becomes increasingly important for businesses. The delivery process alone can lead to many business losses if left unchecked. Avoiding manual intervention requires an efficient and cost-effective software solution.

Last-mile delivery software is essential for solving delivery chaos, and we discussed the top six services. To simplify the delivery process, new businesses should implement route management software, based on what we have read in this article. 

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